About the company

Who are we?

Seciva is an information resource that comprehensively covers the market of affiliate marketing and traffic arbitration around the world. We understand all the subtleties of the affiliate market and are happy to help our readers improve their level of professionalism in order to reach new heights in their work.

What are we doing?

We understand from the inside how Affiliate Marketing works, generate relevant content, review key events, global trends, companies that define the market and individuals who form trends. Our global goal is to create a platform where any representative of the affiliate marketing field will find new ideas and points for growth.

The Seciva team consists of expert—level specialists who effectively work on the popularization of brands.
Eugene Datura
Head of SERM/ORM direction
Specialist, international investor, founder of Seciva Group of companies, which unites more than 10 Russian and international digital projects in digital marketing, SEO, SERM and web developers.
Igor Brovarov
Leading specialist in the sales department
A leading specialist in promoting and increasing interest in goods and services on the market, attracting a target audience and potential buyers, accompanying the consumer from the consulting stage to the moment of the transaction.

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Alexander Karasev
Motion design specialist, 2D, 3D animation
Motion design is the creation of computer animation, that is, moving objects. Animation and videos: for business, television, games, etc.,
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