Top gambling affiliate programs for online casinos 2023
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Author24 - reviews, overview of the affiliate program

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Author24 is a freelance marketplace for student works. The affiliate program is well suited for converting educational Ru traffic. Webmasters receive a reward of 50% of the platform's revenue for each completed order (approximately 20% of the order value). Traffic from any websites, forums, social and advertising networks is accepted (only spam is prohibited)

Here are the translations of the reviews:

Author24 - reviews, example 1

The most well-known and popular affiliate program for school and student Ru-traffic. The statistics mentioned here in the description are probably overall or possibly embellished (I apologize in advance if this sounds like defamation), but personally, my conversion rate is not 55% but around 33%; I haven't calculated or tracked the average customer lifespan; my average order value was around 700-900 rubles. This doesn't mean that I blame the affiliate program. I like it in every aspect and wouldn't trade it for any other. I'm just sharing that these are my personal results. Someone else might have even better results; it all depends on your traffic and your ability to convert it.

Author24 - reviews, example 2

I've been working with their affiliate program for over a year. There are both good and bad aspects, but I can say for sure that payments are always made without delays, and the support team is very responsive. And the conversion rate is on point.

Author24 - reviews, example 3

I've been working with them for a short time, just a couple of months. But during this time, I always receive payments on time, and the support team is helpful. I'm currently increasing my traffic to earn a good income, and the conversion rate is pleasing.

Author24 - reviews, example 4

I've been sending them traffic for about a year. Excellent conversion, plenty of promotional materials, and reasonable support. I definitely recommend it!

Author24 - reviews, example 5

I'm very satisfied with working in the affiliate program with Author24. It brings stable and decent income without requiring any expenses from me. I place banners and affiliate links on my website. The support team is responsive and quick, but since I haven't encountered any problems, I rarely contact them.