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Looking for the top gambling affiliate programs to promote online casinos in 2023? Look no further than our comprehensive list of the best programs available. From high commission rates to top-notch marketing materials, these programs offer everything you need to succeed as an online casino affiliate.
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Invictus Media - reviews, affiliate program review

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Invictus Media is an affiliate program that offers a wide range of direct offers and specializes in performance marketing. They work with affiliates and advertisers to drive traffic and conversions, providing a platform for successful partnerships. The program focuses on delivering high-quality offers and optimizing campaigns to maximize earnings. Invictus Media aims to provide a seamless experience for both affiliates and advertisers, offering support and resources to ensure their success.

Invictus Media's list of popular offers includes:

  1. Weight Loss KETO

  1. CBD Oil/Gummies

  1. Skin Renew

  1. Male Enhancement

  1. Testosterone Boost

Advantages of Invictus Media:

  • Allows all traffic sources

  • No caps on earnings

  • SS (Single Sale) offers with 100% approval

  • Payouts for SS offers start from $105 per lead

  • Individual conditions for top performers.

Invictus Media - Reviews

I've been working with them for the second month, mainly driving traffic from Google Ads, and some of their offers convert well. They only work with Tier 1 countries, and the variety of offers is not extensive, but if you know how to work with weight loss, adult, and CBD, you can give it a try. It's worth mentioning that most of their offers are Straight Sale, with a few trials available. I couldn't find any COD offers. Overall, it's quite good.

Invictus Media - Reviews, Example 2

I have experience working with them on keto and adult offers. They are nice guys, and working with them is comfortable. They have a wide range of offers, including some that convert really well. They mainly focus on Tier 1 countries, and there is no traffic for the CIS region, but the landing pages for the offered GEOs are well-designed. Custom tracking is not allowed, and the landing pages are locked, but they provide information on the funnel upon request. Overall, it's quite good for those who work with nutra and adult in the US market.

Invictus Media - Reviews, Example 3

I'm running traffic for weight loss offers on Invictus Media. Apparently, during the quarantine, everyone wants to lose weight using free supplements. The leads were flowing amazingly a week ago. Everything seemed fine, but voila, I can't withdraw the money. My questions remain unanswered. Everything is stuck, and I don't feel like singing praises for the affiliate program at all.

Invictus Media - Reviews, Example 4

Like in Guy Ritchie's movies, there are four of us: a researcher, a designer, and two media buyers (Google Ads and Facebook). We may not be big, but we are a proud team. We made most of the money on Asian offers (creams, pills), but about a year ago, we decided we were ready for more and entered the US market. That's when we met Invictus Media. The offers mostly focus on nutra, with the majority targeting the US and Canada. Some offers are available worldwide, while others have a narrow target, such as France, Mexico, Spain, Britain, Singapore, etc.

Invictus Media - Reviews, Example 5

We've been working together on CBD (with variable success for about a year). They accept emails, so everything fell into place immediately. There are no caps, nothing holds us back, and they pay quickly. The support team speaks Russian, so there are no issues or unnecessary questions. It's a clear partnership.