Top gambling affiliate programs for online casinos 2023
Looking for the top gambling affiliate programs to promote online casinos in 2023? Look no further than our comprehensive list of the best programs available. From high commission rates to top-notch marketing materials, these programs offer everything you need to succeed as an online casino affiliate.
Reviews of affiliate programs

AD-X - reviews, affiliate program overview

CPA networks Educational affiliate programs
Russian CPA network for infobusiness with payment per subscriber. 24/7 support is ready to consult and assist with offer and integration. There is also an opportunity to discuss obtaining individual conditions: increased rates and early payouts. Advantages of the affiliate program:

  • Individual offers;
  • Payouts every Friday;
  • Promotion of free online webinars;
  • Payment of up to 150 rubles for each person who leaves their email;
  • User-friendly interface of the webmaster's dashboard with convenient statistics;
  • Prompt support for partners.

AD-X - reviews

Great affiliate network! Good offers, payments always on time. And what I really like is their excellent support service. They respond promptly to all questions and provide high-quality assistance. It's a pleasure to work with them! :)

AD-X - reviews, example 2

I haven't earned anything in this network before. But now they have fraudulent offers. The courses are also fraudulent. Probably created by some schoolboy. I asked them about this course and found a fictional character on their website. After that, I wanted to connect an offer, but they didn't approve it even though I didn't violate any rules. Here is the evidence

AD-X - reviews, example 3

Hello. I'm writing not from an emulator and I want to share my experience working with this affiliate network. I don't want to say anything bad or good. Read everything yourself and draw your own conclusions. Below is just a copy-paste of the conversation in Telegram. I'm writing here because my review was banned in their VKontakte group.

AD-X - reviews, example 4

I do not recommend dealing with this affiliate network. They have a disrespectful attitude towards webmasters who have been working with them since the beginning. I started working with them when they had the first version of the webmaster's dashboard and promoted info products for registrations. Everything was fine at first, and I received my first payment of 5000 rubles according to their rules. Then they reset the webmaster's dashboard (they had difficulty transferring partner data to the new dashboard) and all the data was lost. Then I continued promoting their new info products and waiting for a new payment, but unfortunately, I was no longer an old trusted partner in their eyes, just a new partner. I had to reach the minimum payout of 5000 rubles again. I did receive the first payment from the new dashboard (technically the second payment). But what about now? Now AD-X refuses to pay me 2910 rubles that have been pending since 2019. When asked about the missing payment, they always find 10 reasons not to pay you. I have all the necessary screenshots, so the account ban doesn't scare me. :)

AD-X - reviews, example 5

Guys, everyone who wants to try this affiliate network! Don't make the same mistakes as me, don't waste your time and resources! I can confidently say that their manager, Sergey Myagkov, is a scammer and a fraudster. To prove my words, I have a history of correspondence on VKontakte and screenshots of statistics. At first, they credited me with 3980 rubles right from the first mailing. Then, for a month and a half, I sent traffic diligently to withdraw the money (according to their rules, the minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 rubles). However, the statistics only showed clicks. I have a verified target subscriber base, and from that base, I earn 10,000 rubles on GlobaPart. So it's impossible for two months to have no sales. I decided to make sure of this and tried to make a sale through my referral link. And what happened? The click appeared, but the sale didn't show up in the statistics. I'm confident that Sergey Myagkov manually resets the sales statistics.