Top gambling affiliate programs for online casinos 2023
Looking for the top gambling affiliate programs to promote online casinos in 2023? Look no further than our comprehensive list of the best programs available. From high commission rates to top-notch marketing materials, these programs offer everything you need to succeed as an online casino affiliate.
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Trending.Bid - reviews, affiliate program overview

CPA networks
Trending.Bid is an online advertising network that offers various types of traffic, including PUSH, CLICKUNDER, and ONE-CLICK PWA, to advertisers worldwide. They are known for providing quality traffic at competitive prices. The platform allows advertisers to target their campaigns to specific audiences and optimize their ad performance. Trending.Bid aims to help businesses reach their marketing goals by connecting them with relevant and engaged audiences.
What you'll get with Trending.Bid:

  • 50+ billion impressions for Push-Notifications
  • 25+ billion impressions for Clickunder
  • Worldwide traffic starting from $0.001
  • Daily updated subscription database
  • High-quality traffic
  • Fast moderation
  • Wide range of targeting options
  • Convenient balance replenishment methods
  • Minimum deposit of 500 rubles for Push-Notification format
  • Minimum deposit of 3000 rubles for Clickunder format

advertising formats:

  • Push-Notifications: classic push notifications on mobile and desktop (CPC/CPM)
  • Clickunder: your offer displayed on a new tab when clicking anywhere on the website (CPM)
  • On-Site Push: pop-up banner at the bottom of the website, resembling a push notification (CPC/CPM)
  • One-Click PWA: classic web applications promoted through system PUSH notifications (CPI)

Trending.Bid - reviews 1

Super crappy traffic, just bots. Guys, don't work with them. It's a waste of time and money.

Trending.Bid - reviews 2

I created a campaign and asked them to check it on Skype even before moderation. After two checks, including moderation, and depositing 3,000 rubles, they started cheating. On the same day, after finding some connection, they banned me (without deducting from the balance and only 30% of it). Until I contacted them on Skype, they didn't even inform me about anything. They explained the ban as cloaking, but apart from a dubious screenshot, they didn't provide any evidence. When I asked for specific information (click ID, time, geo), support replied that the information was forwarded to the moderation department, but of course, there was no response or real grounds for the ban. It can't be called anything other than fraud. However, 3,000 rubles is a good amount to find out the true nature of a partner, and they banned me "in time" because I was planning to deposit a substantial amount. They were greedy. They could have taken much more.

Trending.Bid - reviews 3

Hello, I want to share my experience working with this advertising network. I deposited funds, set up a campaign, started testing, wasted 2,000 rubles - zero conversions. I started writing to my account manager, explained the situation, and started testing another gambling offer, which started getting conversions. After some time, my account was banned, supposedly for adult content, which is prohibited by them. But here's the problem: I didn't use adult content. The manager provided an unclear screenshot dated a month before the campaign launch as supposed evidence that there was adult content, and I was blocked. They refuse to unblock or pay the remaining balance in the advertising account. This is the first time something like this has happened to me. I have been working with push advertising networks for a year, and I never expected this. They are essentially scammers who launder money this way. I highly do not recommend working with Trending.Bid; you will waste your money and time.

Trending.Bid - reviews 4

The site is garbage... They send you bot traffic. Out of 600 clicks, only 25 are from real people. Think for yourself... They block accounts left and right, even if you have funds there. If you find a good combination, they block your account. And they probably resell your traffic... In my opinion, people should not get involved and get scammed...

Trending.Bid - reviews 5

I've been working with Trending.Bid for about 5 months. Good traffic quality, and most importantly, a wide range of targeting options. You can target a fresh subscription age group. The support is great, they quickly resolve any issues.