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Dr.Cash - reviews, affiliate program overview

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Dr.Cash - a CPA affiliate program from a major producer of dietary supplements.
Advantages of working with Dr.Cash CPA:

2000+ offers in 40+ beauty and health niches; Own products available in pharmacies in Russia and the CIS; Unique landing pages with a price of 1 ruble; Payouts up to 2 times a day to e-wallets, personal accounts, cards, etc.; Own localized pre-landers for all niches and countries; Non-redirect affiliate link system; Various solutions: COD (cash on delivery), Trial, SS; Detailed statistics in any breakdown; Ready-made bundles for profitable campaigns; User-friendly admin panel; Contests with guaranteed prizes: top cars, Apple devices, latest technology innovations; Friendly 24/7 support; Global offer statistics: top by country, top by niche, overall top - clear guidance on where to direct traffic.

Dr.Cash - Reviews

Hello everyone, I decided to register to thank account managers Pavel and Evgeniy for their assistance. They promptly help with offers and postback configuration. When it comes to offers, they have a wide selection in various GEOs. Reliable affiliate network, timely payouts. I particularly like their landing pages and pre-landers. Good conversion with adult traffic. Approval rates are 10-15% higher compared to other affiliate networks. Some adult offers consistently show 100% ROI. Overall, I give them a thumbs up!

Dr.Cash - Review 2

Hello everyone! I worked with this affiliate network for over half a year, and at first, everything was good (because I generated 9 leads per week). But I want to share my experience and explain why I don't recommend this affiliate network. The first thing that caught my attention was the claim of withdrawals twice a day, but unfortunately, that's not true because they rarely processed withdrawals more than a couple of times. They often delay lead approvals, especially with adult traffic, and there is no callback support at all. Additionally, it's quite "cool" that they charge a 1% commission on all payment systems (I haven't seen this in other affiliate networks before). I had several account managers, and only one of them was excellent, while the others seemed unenthusiastic in their responses. The offer rates are lower compared to other networks, and during registration, other networks offer higher rates.

Dr.Cash - Review 3

Dr.Cash is the god of dietary supplements, that's for sure. They have 2000+ offers in 40+ beauty and health niches. It seemed promising to me because they advertised that the profit can be withdrawn upon confirmation, rather than upon purchase. However, in reality, I still have to wait for the purchase confirmation for withdrawal. That's how it goes.

Dr.Cash - Review 4

It's my first affiliate network. I started with zero experience in arbitrage. Just to give you an idea of my level, I had never even hosted websites on my own domain. The support team had epic patience and helped me from scratch. I have been consistently profitable with them for half a year. I found a few stable long-term campaigns and still run them. One has a real conversion rate of 15% (CIS), and the other has 30% (SEA). They have fast payouts with a low minimum threshold, a wide selection of pre-landers and landing pages. Good conversion rates and decent rates. The only downside was that at the beginning, I was concerned about leads being stuck in the review process, but I understand it's due to call center operations. The situation is gradually improving. I'm satisfied and confidently recommend them. If I managed to be profitable from scratch, then everyone can do it. And professionals can even save up for an MB AMG GT at a local toy store.

Dr.Cash - Review 5

I'm relatively new to arbitrage (4 months), so I don't have much to compare with because I started working with Dr.Cash right away. Do they pay? - Yes, they do, to WebMoney upon request. You can withdraw daily if you want. Do they provide assistance? - Yes, the support team responds almost anytime.