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Looking for the top gambling affiliate programs to promote online casinos in 2023? Look no further than our comprehensive list of the best programs available. From high commission rates to top-notch marketing materials, these programs offer everything you need to succeed as an online casino affiliate.
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CTR - reviews, affiliate program overview

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CTR is a product-based affiliate CPA network. They work with popular products such as economizers, goji berries, back correctors, liquid chestnut extract, arousal enhancers, etc. The landing pages are of high quality and well-designed.

They offer a good set of webmaster tools including post-back and iframe integration. The hold time in the system is 5 days, and they make payments twice a week.

CTR - reviews

Review 1:

I came across this affiliate network and decided to give it a try. I used to do credit arbitrage before. It turned out that I needed an invite, which is provided by a certain Stanislav. I reached out to him, and he demanded scans of my experience with similar affiliate networks. I explained to him that I was just getting started and fully understood the risks and expenses involved. However, he never gave me the invite, stating that newcomers have no place there. It's clear discrimination. How can one write anything positive in such a situation? I offered to come to them when I have experience, but by that time, I would have already established partner programs, so there's no point in changing and leaving what works for me. Overall, I do not recommend it as they simply don't believe in newcomers and don't give them a chance. And how else can you gain experience if not on a trusted affiliate network?

Review 2 :

The interface is poorly thought out, and it's difficult to analyze statistics due to the outdated interface. The support team doesn't respond to questions on Skype unless you submit a ticket, and even then, you may receive a one-word answer from a CTR Support employee who remains silent on Skype. Then there were complaints about the redemption rate being below 60%. I suggested that they lower the payout for confirmed orders since their profitability is declining. They refused. Well, if they don't want to, I'll find another product-based affiliate network. They don't make an effort to communicate and work with webmasters.

Review 3 :

An interesting situation with the CTR affiliate network. There is no information available for webmasters (rules, conditions, percentages, list of promoted products). I wanted to contact the support team, but none of the buttons are active (there is no way to click on any of them).

Review 4 :

One of the most convenient product-based affiliate networks in the market. Not all networks can boast such a set of tools, and they have a whole bunch of 'wow' products with plenty of promotional materials. The user interface is user-friendly, the statistics are informative, and the geo-targeting is suitable. They accept various types of traffic - teasers, contextual, social media. There are no holds for trusted partners, and payments are made twice a week and arrive quickly. The support team responds differently, sometimes promptly and to the point, and sometimes you have to push with questions.

Review 5 :

I started driving traffic, but 2/3 of the traffic didn't reach the pre-landing page. They couldn't solve the problem, so I redirected the traffic to another affiliate network. The funds received during the testing period were pending for over a month. In the end, they rejected the payment citing 'non-redemption' as the reason. They didn't provide any evidence, relying on the unquestionable authority of the advertiser and their word being sufficient. The support team's manner of communication was rude, and they didn't consider my arguments.