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Looking for the top gambling affiliate programs to promote online casinos in 2023? Look no further than our comprehensive list of the best programs available. From high commission rates to top-notch marketing materials, these programs offer everything you need to succeed as an online casino affiliate.
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PropellerAds - reviews, affiliate program overview.

CPA networks
PropellerAds is a prominent digital advertising network known for its wide reach and diverse ad formats. Established in 2011, it has grown to become one of the largest advertising networks in the industry. PropellerAds specializes in various advertising models, including display, native, push notifications, and pop-under ads.

With a global presence, PropellerAds offers advertisers the opportunity to reach a vast audience across multiple devices and platforms. They provide advanced targeting options, allowing advertisers to tailor their campaigns based on demographics, geolocation, interests, and more. This helps maximize the effectiveness of ad campaigns and improve overall conversion rates.

For publishers, PropellerAds offers an opportunity to monetize their traffic effectively. They provide a user-friendly platform with intuitive controls and comprehensive reporting tools. Publishers can choose from a range of ad formats and optimize their ad placements to generate higher revenues. PropellerAds also offers timely payments and dedicated support to its publishers.

Overall, PropellerAds is renowned for its extensive reach, diverse ad formats, and robust technology. Whether you're an advertiser looking to reach a global audience or a publisher seeking to monetize your traffic, PropellerAds provides a reliable platform for effective digital advertising.
Ad Formats in PropellerAds:

  1. Push Notifications (600+ million subscribers)
  2. In-Page Push
  3. Popunder
  4. Interstitial

Key Features of PropellerAds:

  • Fast moderation process
  • 24/7 Russian-speaking support and Telegram chat
  • Minimum deposit of $100
  • CPM, CPC, CPA Goal, and Smart bidding models
  • Tools for automated campaign testing and optimization
  • S2S conversion tracking + macros
  • Cross-retargeting across all ad formats
  • Smart audiences.

PropellerAds - Reviews 1

I have been working with PropellerAds for several months, and during this time, the network has shown itself in a very positive light. They offer great traffic volumes, stability, auto-optimization, and excellent support. I particularly appreciate the ability to communicate with a personal manager and quickly resolve any issues or problems. The campaign approval process is fast, and it's fun to test new features in the dashboard as I reach certain account levels.

PropellerAds - Reviews 2

We have been working productively with the team for many years. Friendly and warm relationships have developed over time. The manager is always available and promptly helps to resolve any issues. There is a wide range of countries and a large volume of traffic available for launching campaigns. The platform is user-friendly, and campaign setup is simple and fast. The traffic quality is good. Overall, everything is excellent! Well done, guys!

PropellerAds - Reviews 3

In a relatively short period of time working with PropellerAds, I have already appreciated all the advantages and conveniences of the platform. Setting up advertising campaigns is quick and convenient, which is especially helpful for someone like me with limited experience in this field. The CPA Goal feature has been very useful, minimizing the need for campaign adjustments and improving results.

PropellerAds - Reviews 4

I had a very negative experience working with this network. Their traffic is more expensive compared to their closest competitors, with comparable quality. But the real problem is that they seem to think they have reached the level of Facebook or Google and can block accounts without any explanation just because they feel like it. I topped up my account in the morning and relaunched a campaign I had run two weeks ago, only to find my account blocked. No reasons were given. According to their rules, it is not forbidden to advertise mainstream dating using creatives that don't contain nudity or explicit content, which is exactly what I did. I even watched tutorial videos from PropellerAds and Protraffic, which used more revealing creatives and used the same smart link.

PropellerAds - Reviews 5

We have been working with this affiliate network for a long time. The personal manager responds quickly in the chat. We mainly run campaigns for trading, binary options, forex, and some nutra offers. Based on our own metrics, we can see that bot traffic is completely absent, or maybe we were lucky with the GEOs, unlike other networks we work with. We primarily use pop and push ad formats, and the conversion is decent. We are particularly pleased with the traffic from Indonesia and India; there is potential to thrive in this niche with these GEOs. We have never had any problems with depositing or withdrawing funds.