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Looking for the top gambling affiliate programs to promote online casinos in 2023? Look no further than our comprehensive list of the best programs available. From high commission rates to top-notch marketing materials, these programs offer everything you need to succeed as an online casino affiliate.
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Vimmy - reviews, affiliate program review

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Vimmy is an advertising platform that specializes in push notifications. It is known for its wide range of targeting options, efficient moderation process, and the delivery of high-quality traffic to advertisers. With Vimmy, advertisers can reach their target audience effectively and optimize their campaigns for maximum results. The platform offers advanced targeting features such as geolocation, device type, browser, operating system, and more, allowing advertisers to precisely tailor their ad campaigns. Additionally, Vimmy provides fast moderation, ensuring that ads are reviewed and approved quickly, reducing any potential delays in campaign launch. Overall, Vimmy offers a robust advertising solution for businesses looking to drive targeted traffic and achieve their marketing goals.
Benefits of working with Vimmy:

  • Access to 300 million ad impressions worldwide daily.
  • Instant 24/7 moderation.
  • Convenient payment options including WebMoney, credit cards, wire transfers, and Paxum.
  • Targeting options based on age, subscription, browser versions, languages, OS versions, and more, ensuring the purchase of converting traffic.
  • Publishers are only included in the auction after passing our in-house traffic quality verification system, ensuring no click fraud or bots.
  • Responsive support team available to assist with any inquiries.
  • Minimum deposit of $50.

Vimmy - reviews 1

The registration process is simple. They send an email for confirmation, and once confirmed, you can start your campaigns. They have a good database for Germany, and app and dating offers perform really well. I tested calendar push notifications, and they showed good conversions in Tier 1 countries but not so much in others. Overall, I find their network quite decent, although there are some minor drawbacks.

Vimmy - reviews 2

I started using calendar push notifications in June. Antivirus and VPN offers performed exceptionally well with this format. The auto-rules feature helps adjust and find profitable campaigns, making the process comfortable. I didn't expect push notifications to work, but I was proven wrong. Now I'm scaling up and hoping the performance remains consistent at higher volumes. I give their support team an 8 out of 10; I'll update my review based on overall experience.

Vimmy - reviews 3

While not many Russian affiliate networks accept Vimmy traffic, it's accepted without any issues on foreign networks. My affiliate manager recommended Vimmy to me because of their good database and buyers who actually purchase products. I tested Reduslim offers in Italy and Spain, and the approval rate was 40%, which is quite good for push notifications. With an expenditure of $240, I made a little over $100. It was almost easy since I found the push notification text and creatives online. Let's see how it goes from here.

Vimmy - reviews 4

I've often heard the opinion that push notifications are not a profitable niche, but my results say otherwise. There are no specific restrictions in terms of targeting; I mainly target the USA and mix different formats. There are some untapped options like calendar push notifications. Campaigns are approved automatically unless they blatantly violate the rules. The most important criterion is profitability.

Vimmy - reviews 5

There aren't many push notification networks still active, but Vimmy continues to impress in this regard. They constantly update their features and monetization options. They were among the first to introduce calendar push notifications, which convert well (ROI of 45% is pretty good). The only downside is that not all affiliate networks accept push traffic, but after testing and demonstrating traffic quality, they always approve it.