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Looking for the top gambling affiliate programs to promote online casinos in 2023? Look no further than our comprehensive list of the best programs available. From high commission rates to top-notch marketing materials, these programs offer everything you need to succeed as an online casino affiliate.
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Rafinad - reviews, affiliate program overview

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An affiliate network that brings together advertisers from the financial sector and webmasters. The former can attract an audience for their products, while the latter can monetize financial traffic.

Rafinad is suitable for advertisers offering banking products and services, microfinance organizations, financial product comparison services, and more. Each webmaster undergoes strict moderation before joining the network, ensuring that client ads are placed only on verified platforms. The network works with traffic from websites, financial showcases, contextual advertising, social networks, and more. You will receive comprehensive statistics on traffic sources, as well as campaign analysis and optimization.

Webmasters can monetize their traffic using Rafinad on financial offers, which provide a wide range of products with favorable conditions and minimal hold periods. The network's platform has an intuitive interface, offers effective tools to achieve better conversions, and provides tracking system reports for campaign analytics.

Rafinad - reviews

Rafinad - Review 1

I have been working with financial offers for a long time, and I have something to compare it with, but I won't mention what I compared it to. However, what stands out in Rafinad is their responsive support team that addresses all my queries. They have a webmaster chat specifically for finance, which other partners don't have. The payouts are instant and can be received within 3 minutes directly to my card, even without the involvement of managers. It's truly amazing!

Rafinad - Review 2

There is a wide variety of offers available, covering almost any topic for my websites, from gaming to finance. I particularly appreciate the swift approval process for microfinance offers, which shows excellent performance. It's a fantastic network! I definitely recommend it and encourage others not to hesitate when sending traffic here.

Rafinad - Review 3

There are many offers, fast support, good payouts, and a pleasant working atmosphere. As an SEO specialist, I appreciate the abundance of offers and frequent feedback regarding offers, such as which ones have opened, closed, or changes in rates, and so on. I have migrated almost all of my portals to Rafinad. Payments are made within a couple of hours without any hold periods. However, I would like to see an expansion of the geographic coverage to include all CIS countries, including the Baltics.

Rafinad - Review 4

I have recently started using Rafinad and I am satisfied with the support team's work. Previously, I worked directly with Alfabank, but switching to Rafinad significantly increased my earnings. The hold period for the initial status is tolerable at 7 days. I have absolutely no regrets working with Rafinad. Overall, it's an excellent affiliate network with fast support and a pleasant and user-friendly interface.

Rafinad - Review 5

I joined Rafinad a month ago after coming from Leadgid. My conversions have increased significantly, and now I have no doubts that Leadgid has deteriorated. Thankfully, Rafinad is a trustworthy and honest partner with a convenient interface, and I haven't encountered any shaving. The manager is friendly and provides detailed explanations. I believe my earnings will grow exponentially as well.