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Looking for the top gambling affiliate programs to promote online casinos in 2023? Look no further than our comprehensive list of the best programs available. From high commission rates to top-notch marketing materials, these programs offer everything you need to succeed as an online casino affiliate.
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CrakRevenue - reviews, affiliate program overview

CPA networks
CrakRevenue is a CPA network with over 1000 offers. This affiliate program has been awarded the title of "Best International CPA Network of the Year" multiple times. One of its main advantages is its reliability in payments, as confirmed by many webmasters.

At the time of writing this review, CrakRevenue offers over 1100 offers suitable for monetizing traffic in the following categories:

  • Adult (games, webcams, dating, paid services, etc.)
  • Beauty, health, and diet products
  • Entertainment and lotteries (including sweepstakes)
  • Mobile and browser games
  • Cryptocurrency-related services
  • Online casinos and sports betting (gambling)

The partner commission levels depend on the offer categories:

  • In the "Crypto and Gambling" niches, partner payouts can reach $300 or more.
CrakRevenue - Features

Among the promotional tools offered by CrakRevenue are landing pages (including surveys), banners, pop-ups, iframes, and email templates. They also provide postback support and smart links. Detailed statistics are available, and they offer lifetime RevShare offers. Payouts are made monthly through Paxum or Wire Transfer, with the possibility of transitioning to Net15 and Net7.

CrakRevenue Review, Example 1:

I launched an adult website a month ago and used CrakRevenue with their RevShare offers. I had around 10,000 unique visitors and 8,700 clicks on CrakRevenue, but still no conversions. Then I had 20,000 clicks on CrakRevenue and ZERO conversions. I tried many different offers (including PPS), but still no conversions. I'm thinking of giving up and switching to another affiliate program.

CrakRevenue Review, Example 2 :

I am a porn influencer in my country and I have Instagram profiles ranging from one million to 370,000 followers. I decided to try working with CrakRevenue after seeing their webcam site (SOI and DOI). Everything looked good, and one of their advertising managers contacted me on Skype and made me a webcam offer after they approved my funnel and realized how many people I could bring to their site. I promoted their offer, and they banned me for 'fraud' and 'fake leads' after I made $1,500 in conversions. They wouldn't provide me with a real reason and stopped responding to my emails. They knew my funnel and even my Instagram profiles. They also wanted to see my Instagram story that I made for their promotion. Obviously, they stopped answering my questions after that email. You have to be careful with them. Do you know any other affiliate networks that pay for this kind of traffic (social media/blogs)?

CrakRevenue Review, Example 3 :

Typical CrakRevenue tactic. One of the worst affiliate networks. I ran a campaign with another affiliate program and made good money for several months. I decided to move the campaign and test it with CrakRevenue. I had fewer conversions per day, so I stopped using them and went back to my old affiliate network. In those two days, I made over a couple hundred dollars with them. A couple of months later, I completely forgot that I had money in my account there, and one day I decided to add my PayPal to withdraw it. The next thing you know, you receive a really threatening email from them saying that your traffic is too suspicious and you have two days to respond or your account will be closed. Several months after the conversion, I'm sure they 'suddenly' noticed that the traffic was suspicious because I requested a payout. And don't tell me you didn't charge the advertiser. After providing evidence, they tell you that the quality of your traffic is really bad and needs improvement. A few weeks later, your email gets banned, and they easily take away your money. 100% they just pocketed the money. Beware of them. It was my only bad experience with a CPA affiliate network.

CrakRevenue Review, Example 4 :

I haven't seen any leads on CrakRevenue for almost 10 days. Does anyone have the same problem? I'm also thinking of switching networks because it feels like I'm sending traffic in vain.

CrakRevenue Review, Example 5 :

In my case, they never had decent conversions, whether the traffic was organic or purchased, it didn't matter. The same traffic sent to other affiliate networks showed excellent results, so I stopped using them. When communicating with them, they always gave vague responses and told me that I should send higher quality traffic, even