Top gambling affiliate programs for online casinos 2023
Looking for the top gambling affiliate programs to promote online casinos in 2023? Look no further than our comprehensive list of the best programs available. From high commission rates to top-notch marketing materials, these programs offer everything you need to succeed as an online casino affiliate.
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MonsterLeads - reviews, affiliate program overview

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MonsterLeads is a reputable CPA network that offers a wide range of affiliate marketing opportunities. With a strong focus on product and gaming offers, MonsterLeads has curated an impressive catalog of offers within its six months of operation. Affiliates can benefit from the diverse range of campaigns available, allowing them to monetize their traffic effectively.

MonsterLeads - reviews

MonsterLeads (also known as may seem similar to M1 and appear to be a reliable affiliate network, but the reality is different. For example, the treatment of operators in this company is much worse compared to M1 - they are paid less and can even be left without payment if an operator resigns. As a result, orders are processed much worse than in M1, and there are significantly fewer confirmations. Moreover, they may not provide you with all call recordings. The minimum payout threshold here is 5000 rubles, while in M1 it is 1000 rubles.

MonsterLeads - reviews, example 2

We have been working with MonsterLeads for quite some time. The support is online almost 24/7, and offers for testing campaigns come almost every day. We have never had any issues with payments. They offer a wide selection of offers, ranging from white goods to nutra and more. The GEO targeting options are also satisfactory, allowing you to target either the CIS countries or even try the UAE. We highly recommend this network, especially for those interested in physical goods, as there are plenty of such offers available, along with a wide range of GEO options. However, enthusiasts of nutra and other niches will also find many interesting opportunities here.

MonsterLeads - reviews, example 3

I have been working with MonsterLeads since February of this year, and my impressions are entirely positive. The support is excellent, and I have worked with several managers who promptly resolve any issues. They are willing to increase payouts for high volumes and are ready to introduce new offers specifically for your traffic. If there are any issues with lead processing on the advertiser's side, they always take the webmaster's side and are willing to provide compensation for expenses. Payments are made without delays, and it is convenient to withdraw funds to a card without any fees or to a business account with an additional 6% bonus. There are many interesting offers, including international ones, and they strive to be the first to introduce market novelties (I started working with them from an offer that was only available on their platform). The interface is user-friendly, and you can quickly download any landing page customized for your API. In general, I highly recommend them.

MonsterLeads - reviews, example 4

The good thing is that the managers at MonsterLeads are excellent, and they are always available and genuinely helpful. They have interesting offers. However, the platform is outdated from a technical standpoint: they don't even support HTTPS on downloaded landing pages. Given the current requirements from Google and Facebook, it doesn't make sense to try running campaigns on an outdated protocol.

MonsterLeads - reviews, example 5

Hello, everyone. I have been working with MonsterLeads for almost a year, and I am very satisfied with this affiliate network. There have been some disputes with advertisers, but they always resolved them in my favor. I have never had any issues with payments. Yes, they have a minimum withdrawal amount, but if you are actively working, reaching the minimum threshold is not difficult.