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MONEYPLATFORM - reviews, overview of a file hosting affiliate network with in-house offers.

File sharing networks
MONEYPLATFORM is a file hosting affiliate network that offers an in-house pay-per-sale (PPS) model. It provides an opportunity to monetize digital content, such as videos and images of various genres, including adult content, through the sale of premium subscriptions.


Advantages: You can withdraw money to a Bitcoin wallet (more of a fun feature than a necessity), high commissions for referred users, low minimum withdrawal amount.
Disadvantages: The payout takes a couple of days, which is quite long in my opinion, it's difficult to get people to click on the links.
Comment: It's a decent file-sharing platform, but not many people use them nowadays, so I had few clicks. However, you can still earn some extra money. It would be great to have faster payouts, but overall it's tolerable. It's a very specific niche.


Last year, the platform was supposed to thrive, but there was no growth. Accounts were even actively sold, which suggests a lack of market activity and instead hints at the activity of some questionable entities, which is concerning. It is widely used by bloggers to confirm copyright ownership, freelancers, and all sorts of information peddlers, which makes the profitability high. On the downside, they introduced limits of up to 10 gigabytes at the end of last year, which is extremely low and will likely drive away all types of reviewers. The entry threshold and Premium tariff have also become more expensive.


It should be understood that the more you earn from a smaller number of relevant files, the higher the so-called Productivity scale. The commission from sales is 55%, and rebills account for 45%. The system can also suggest ways to increase your earnings within 30 days or remove unnecessary files. It is an intuitively understandable partnership program.