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Traffic Light CPA - reviews, affiliate program overview

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Traffic Light CPA:

Review 1:

I joined an offer, requested a withdrawal, but they froze it for three days, and then decided to put a hold on it for two weeks. I probably won't see the money, and I've never had such problems with any other affiliate network. Also, lately, it took three or four days to get paid

Review 2:

started my arbitrage journey with this affiliate network. Its interface is very user-friendly, and the support team is always ready to help and answer even the simplest questions. There is a wide selection of offers, ranging from white-hat products to cryptocurrencies (recently added). They frequently bring in fresh offers with updated landing pages, so if you jump on a working combination, you can quickly make a profit. The bonus system is the best among all affiliate networks, and there is a wide selection of items you can purchase with their bonus points. The only thing to note is that you get a personal manager only when you consistently generate a substantial volume, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The daily and sometimes multiple payments per day are a huge advantage, which is very satisfying. In general, it's a pleasure to work with this affiliate network, and the longer you work with them, the more perks you get. I stopped working with them because I switched to the crypto vertical, but now I'm considering returning because it was a very pleasant collaboration.

Review 3:

I tried running traffic to an enlargement offer (you know what I mean), it was interesting to test similar offers. One of them was somewhat successful, while the other two were a clear loss. Now, all hopes rest on the third offer; we'll see. As for the payments, most (almost all) offers have good payouts, and the payments are received without any issues. Their bonuses, in the form of 'lights' (their internal currency), caught my attention, and I'll see how it goes. Overall, I might be heading towards becoming a loyal customer.

Review 4:

I want to warn webmasters. Obvious shaving is happening. Let me explain. The traffic from my website is high-quality and search-based, targeting their offers. Surprisingly, when working with another similar network, 80% of the orders go through to the same products. With Traffic Light CPA, only 10% go through, but when I switch the links to another affiliate network, everything works fine. They give ridiculous excuses in their rejections. I don't understand why they would steal from a webmaster who brings them money

Review 5:

If you want to run traffic to white-hat products, you definitely need to work with TL. They have 18 managers who help solve problems that arise during work and explain things clearly if we don't understand something. It's great that support is available even during nighttime as we primarily work in the evening and night hours, and we receive a response in just 5 minutes."

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