Top gambling affiliate programs for online casinos 2023
Looking for the top gambling affiliate programs to promote online casinos in 2023? Look no further than our comprehensive list of the best programs available. From high commission rates to top-notch marketing materials, these programs offer everything you need to succeed as an online casino affiliate.
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WapState - reviews, affiliate program overview

Wap Click affiliate networks
WapState is a leading affiliate marketing platform that connects advertisers with publishers to drive traffic and generate sales. It offers a wide range of affiliate programs across various industries, allowing publishers to promote products and services and earn commissions for successful conversions. WapState provides a user-friendly interface, advanced tracking and reporting tools, and timely payouts to its affiliates. With a large network of advertisers and publishers, WapState offers a lucrative opportunity for individuals and businesses to monetize their online presence and maximize their earnings.
WapState offers the ability to independently choose the subscription fee amount, ranging from 50 to 500 Russian rubles. Additionally, there is a subscription financing feature that allows for advance payments for new subscriptions.

It is important to note that different mobile network operators have different conditions for devices connected to their networks. As of the beginning of 2015, the situation is as follows:

  • Megafon: All devices such as phones, tablets, modems, etc., are accepted.
  • Beeline and MTS: Only phones are accepted; other devices are not accepted by these operators.

Please note that the information provided above reflects the situation as of the beginning of 2015.

WapState - reviews 1

I liked this affiliate program for its simplicity and design. I quickly grasped how everything works in the wap-click system. It was one of my first experiences with this type of program. The subscriptions are performing well, especially in the adult niche. However, the support team is unresponsive and tends to work only when it suits them. Unresolved issues can linger for a day, two, or even a week. I understand that I have a small number of subscriptions, and I may not be as profitable for this service as more experienced individuals. But I believe that if they provide proper assistance to newcomers, they can receive good earnings in return.

WapState - reviews 2

I'm delighted with the conversion rates in the adult niche, even with my moderate traffic. I highly recommend partnering with WapState. Everything is going well so far.

WapState - reviews 3

I contacted support regarding customization of the dashboard and referral statistics, and they delivered as promised. I consider the adult niche the most profitable, but I think dating sites can also perform well.

WapState - reviews 4

Megafon performs quite well with my traffic, averaging 1 in 15 conversions. They also pay out multiple times a day upon request. The adult landing pages provided by Megafon are a definite plus, with good earnings.

WapState - reviews 5

No issues encountered. I'm driving moderate volumes of traffic, focusing on the adult niche. The conversion rates and payouts are impressive. They pay without any problems upon request. Probably one of the few reliable affiliate programs for mobile traffic.