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HotelsCombined - reviews, affiliate program overview

Travel affiliate programs
HotelsCombined is a comprehensive hotel search engine that enables users to compare prices and availability from various online travel agencies and hotel websites. By entering their desired destination and travel dates, users can quickly find the best hotel deals and make reservations directly through the platform.

HotelsCombined aggregates hotel information from numerous sources, including major booking sites like Expedia,, Agoda, and more. This allows users to conveniently compare prices, read reviews, view photos, and access detailed information about each hotel.

One of the key advantages of HotelsCombined is its ability to provide users with a wide selection of hotels from around the world, ranging from budget accommodations to luxury resorts. The platform's intuitive interface and advanced search filters make it easy for users to refine their search and find the perfect hotel that suits their preferences and budget.

HotelsCombined is known for its reliability and comprehensive coverage of hotels worldwide. It simplifies the hotel booking process by presenting users with a consolidated list of options, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to find the best deals.

Overall, HotelsCombined is a popular choice for travelers seeking convenience, competitive prices, and a wide range of hotel options. Its user-friendly interface and extensive database make it a valuable tool for finding and booking hotels efficiently.

HotelsCombined - reviews 1

HotelsCombined has been worthwhile for me and has helped me earn money for vacations. I've never been banned, luckily. I've tried HotelLook and, even placed their search forms side by side, but every time they ate up the earnings that could have gone to HotelsCombined.

HotelsCombined - reviews 2

I've been working with HotelsCombined since I started my blog. However, my traffic is quite small, and the minimum payouts accumulate approximately three times a year :) I'm not sure if it's only clicks or if there are bookings as well, but I haven't had any problems with withdrawals so far. They consistently send payments to my PayPal account.

HotelsCombined - reviews 3

Payment is based on clicks rather than bookings. It doesn't seem profitable at all. I had this affiliate program set up for a long time, it was the first one on my blog, and only later did I switch to TravelPayouts with its hotel offerings. Before I could replace all the links (mostly wanted to test it with a sidebar banner), I got banned in about a week. It's the kind of ban that many people criticize this affiliate program for because it's so severe that you can't even withdraw any funds. Moreover, they play it smart by waiting for you to accumulate $200 (the minimum amount) and only then do they check your traffic and ban you if it doesn't meet their criteria (no bookings, only clicks). On one hand, you can understand them, as they don't need partners who don't bring them profits and through whom no bookings are made. On the other hand, why wait for the minimum threshold? It's not fair somehow. In the end, I contacted their Russian-language support (the English-language one is useless, they won't even respond), and they gave me a second chance. They said that if there are bookings, they will unban me. I finished replacing all the links, added new ones, removed the banner, and replaced it with a widget. Now the affiliate program brings in $300-500, which is not bad, considering that the season is already over. The only thing now is to avoid getting banned again because the personal account doesn't show any booking statistics, only clicks. They shouldn't have done it this way; partners could have monitored this process themselves. HotelsCombined lacks advanced affiliate tools, they only have regular banners and a decent search form.