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KiwiTaxi - reviews, affiliate program overview.

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KiwiTaxi is a popular international online platform for booking car transfers. It provides convenient and reliable transportation services for individuals and groups to and from airports, ports, and train stations. With a user-friendly interface and a wide selection of vehicles, KiwiTaxi offers customers the flexibility to choose the type of transfer that best suits their needs. The platform ensures professional drivers and efficient transfers, making it a trusted choice for travelers seeking a hassle-free transportation experience.

KiwiTaxi - reviews 1

I have been working directly with KiwiTaxi, and with the right approach, there are conversions and quite a lot of them. Payments are always on time.

KiwiTaxi - reviews 2

It's a decent affiliate program (worked directly). However, it operates in specific regions where taxi prices are close to the actual fares. For instance, in Vilnius, I've already mentioned to support that the prices are sky-high. The airport is practically in the city, with no traffic jams. Even if you take a taxi from the first line, you'll pay a maximum of 15-20 euros. Meanwhile, the system offers a discounted price of 30 euros.

KiwiTaxi - reviews 3

I have been working with KiwiTaxi for about two years. Despite the website having low traffic (around 300 unique visitors per day), the affiliate program does its job and generates income. Of course, in the tourism niche, there are seasonal factors. Some months see increased profits, while others experience a decline. Overall, people's interest in booking transfers remains throughout the year. The service support is excellent. They respond to queries relevantly, though not instantly. There are embeddable forms and referral links suitable for inexperienced webmasters as well as more advanced API capabilities. Payments are made automatically once a month, approximately between the 10th and 20th of the month, upon reaching a minimum income of 3000 rubles (based on confirmed orders). Having the option for on-demand payouts would be beneficial, but it's not critical. The earned commission from transfer sales is split 50/50 with the service. Naturally, I would like to earn more, but we'll see how it goes in the future. Overall, I am very satisfied with KiwiTaxi's affiliate program.

KiwiTaxi - reviews 4

Collaborating with the KiwiTaxi affiliate program has mostly been a positive experience. This is due to regular payments, quality and attentive support, and convenient promo materials (I use White Label). Negative aspects include some orders not being displayed in the personal account, which only appear after synchronization at the end of the month, and noticeably inflated prices for certain destinations (but on the other hand, the commission is higher for those). I recommend experimenting with different destinations, targeting routes with public transport issues and less competition.

KiwiTaxi - reviews 5

I have been partnering with KiwiTaxi for a long time! There have never been any issues on their part, so I can confidently say that it is an excellent service. You can also verify that it is a great transfer booking service by reading reviews on specialized portals.