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PharmEmpire - reviews, affiliate program overview.

Pharma affiliate programs
PharmEmpire is a fictional term or entity that does not have any specific meaning or context in real life. It appears to be a made-up name. Therefore, I cannot provide any specific information or reviews about PharmEmpire. If you have any other topic or specific question, feel free to ask, and I'll be happy to assist you.
Features of PharmEmpire:

  • Proprietary store software without MySQL.
  • Worldwide shipping.
  • Discount codes for customers.
  • Referral commissions - 10%.

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PharmEmpire - reviews 1

Situation: It's the 6th day, and something strange is happening. Two-thirds of the orders are going into pending status and then either get declined or remain stuck, accumulating for a week. Upon reviewing the problematic orders with support, it was discovered that not everything is so bad: Some of the stuck orders have incorrect customer data, which is being investigated. Some of the declines are due to duplicate cancellations, and there have been a couple of persistent fraud cases. So, life goes on.

PharmEmpire - reviews 2

Speaking for myself, starting from the 20th of the month, the daily order volume has increased. This is very significant for me. The conversion rate (sales/declines) is improving. I don't see any drop in daily performance, rather a growth, but it's strange that for two consecutive days, there is traffic for half a day or even two-thirds of the day with no sales, and then suddenly, within 3-4 hours, there's a surge in sales.

PharmEmpire - reviews 3

For five consecutive days in Europe, everything has been consistently good, with pending orders lasting a maximum of one day, and even those are few. BUT! For the past three consecutive days, today being the fourth, the conversion rate for PPC/sales has dropped by 50%. Overall, the affiliate program is pleasing. There have been NO declines at all over the week.