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Espays" (formerly LoadPays) - reviews, affiliate program overview.

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Espays is an affiliate program that accepts traffic for its own payment processors in various niches. Being a new version of the renowned, it has maintained its flagship status in converting traffic for downloads while also expanding into new thematic directions such as dating, videos, diets, and more.

The project is represented by a team that has been operating in the market for over 10 years and has launched a series of successful and well-known projects, including,, and

The new affiliate program has added all operators from Russia and other countries for subscriptions on Web and WAP, Push, CPA, and other payment types. It covers 60 countries geographically.
The creators of the project have previously participated in the development of affiliate programs such as LoadPays, RebillPays, and EroPays2.

After receiving an invitation, webmasters need to copy a special code to install it on their website pages. They can also use a landing page or a pre-lander. Resources with redirects and TDS are accepted. Arbitrageurs can utilize banner, teaser, and contextual advertising on Google and Yandex. Sharing a link to the landing page through a YouTube channel is allowed. The use of social networks must be coordinated with the manager. Traffic from Facebook, VKontakte, My Circle, My World, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, and Rambler Planet is prohibited.

The main offer, "Meetka," is a dating company. The partner's income directly depends on the quality and quantity of traffic as well as its thematic relevance. The average income for a partner with 1000 subscriptions from Ukraine and Russia is $45.

How to withdraw funds from the affiliate program:

The affiliate program conducts weekly payouts. Withdrawals are available via WebMoney WMZ. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20. Early payments are also available upon request, with a minimum threshold of $10. The hold period is 14 days, but for certain types of traffic, it may be completely waived.

Espays - Reviews 1

I've been working with them for about a year, and everything is stable. They treat us well, and we can always reach them on instant messaging. Profit largely depends on the search queries that lead to the website; it's not like 1000 visitors equal a certain amount of money. I can simply say that having many visitors doesn't necessarily mean making a lot of money.

Espays - Reviews 2

They are dinosaurs in this niche and have an impeccable reputation. I can't recall any scandals surrounding them. They have account bans like everyone else, and you need to withdraw funds afterward. That's the case with all SMS affiliate programs. Everyone has their own preferences, but for me, this affiliate program feels like home. When working with them properly, the returns are good. They are responsive and always ready to help. That's how it is.

Espays - Reviews 3

Overall, great guys with good support.

Espays - Reviews 4

I've been working with them since their opening, around 2011 or 2010, I don't remember exactly. In my opinion, they are the best download affiliate program among the currently existing ones. For download traffic, I haven't tried any other affiliate programs for about two years. I don't see the point; there are always some problems and complications. Here, I have stability, which is very important to me so that I don't worry about my payouts. The support is good, responsive, always helpful, and sometimes scolds, but in a constructive way. Regarding their relationship with advertisers, there was a case where one of the billing companies cheated and stopped paying for rebills. Other affiliate programs immediately stopped paying for rebills, but LoadPays continued paying them from their own pocket for another three months. And in general, if you have a good relationship with them, they will never let you down. Overall, everything suits me, but again, everyone has different tastes. I suggest giving them a try; I think you won't regret it.