Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case Betting: $248k CPA or spill betting from mobile applications with cricket-themed design!

Hello, everyone! This is Maxim Budarin from @gamblingpromax. Today we have an unusual topic. Experienced arbitrageurs can look forward to an intriguing combination of spill betting in the betting industry, while newcomers will get a bonus by learning how to "read" combinations in spy services and calculate the mathematics. 🙂

Once I got hooked on Adheart. It often happens to me that I can open Adheart, look at something, and then look at it from a different angle and think, "I wonder if anyone runs such ads." And that's how I get engrossed in Adheart for a couple of hours. 🙂

During one such session, I discovered an interesting way of spill betting on cricket in India. Now I will share the combination itself, and then explain its beauty.

According to the combination visible in Adheart:

Spill GEO: India. 

Cricket-themed mobile applications - 3 of them, with identical creatives on all apps, indicating that it's a single team doing the spill. Here's the design of one of the applications:
The guys were running over 2,000 creatives in Adheart from September 19th to October. More than half of them were active for more than 2 days, but then they were likely hit with a ban.

From the creatives, it is evident that they were pouring a significant volume on a specific cricket event, including odds on teams and more.

The essence of the combination and its beauty:

The guys started their spill on September 19th, coinciding with the start of the Indian Premier League (IPL), a grand cricket event in India. This means that the guys prepared the applications in advance and waited for the right moment to start their spill.

To give you some context, regular spill campaigns for specific events, such as big boxing matches, football games, or cricket tournaments, don't usually perform well. At any given moment, gambling applications are more prevalent because they are constantly being churned out and have a consistent design.

Preparing applications specifically for a spill event, and switching the development pipeline from regular applications, is not an easy task. Moderation, bans, and labels are all familiar challenges. Switching the development pipeline for applications and creating apps specifically for an event is risky. If the approach doesn't convert well, a lot of money can be lost because app development costs a significant amount.

But! Some guys managed to do it! They created regular gambling applications, analyzed in advance what would be of interest – India, cricket, the IPL event – and developed several apps specifically for the event, waiting for the right moment to launch.

💯 Well-planned and well-executed!

I don't know the guys' return on investment (ROI), but judging by the volume, let's hope they're doing well. It's unlikely that someone would spill such a volume and end up in the negative 🙂

I applaud the idea and execution! It's something new and interesting – usually, everyone focuses on gambling in mobile applications exclusively.

*So, it's possible to explore popular sports in a country, their coverage, and launch event-specific betting!

As I mentioned, I don't know the guys' ROI and profit, but I have good experience working in India 😈

Currently, only one application is live, with over 50k installs on Google Play for 396 creatives. The other two, which are banned, had an additional 1595 installs. In total, there were at least 250k installs.

💰 The average conversion rate from install to deposit in India is 1k40. The guys have around 6200 deposits, and each deposit in India is worth $40 in the market. This means their CPA is $248k. These are very good numbers for a single cricket tournament in 25 days. 🙃 P.S. Event-based betting on applications through Facebook can be counted on fingers in terms of volume in recent years, and I haven't seen it specifically for cricket. That's the interesting aspect of this combination. They showed us practically that event-based campaigns on Facebook work!

And there's a SIMPLE solution to spill event-based campaigns!

It's PWA (Progressive Web App) applications! They can be created in 5 minutes with any design, and the conversion rate is the same. But there's no need to flood the Google Play Store with a bunch of event-specific apps! What if they don't convert well 😅

For example, a PWA cricket application can be more aggressive than what Google Play might allow 🙂
Our guys have already poured over 100k deposits on PWA apps! 🎰 They convert just as well, if not better, than regular WebViews! And considering the aggressive designs, it often happens that they perform even better!

📲 Push notifications are working! We can use your database. Delivery rates and activity are comparable to regular apps!

🎯 Double optimization is in place, and it works perfectly! Both on Facebook and TikTok! If you have experience working with other PWAs, give ours a try. It's a completely different conversion rate! Working with PWAs is more challenging than simply putting a browser in the Google Play Store, so a high-quality solution is important!

Our PWA apps allow you to spend without campaign interruptions. Facebook doesn't expose our cloaking) 

There are guys who run campaigns for 10+ days on a single ad, and the traffic keeps coming to this day. Proof: [Image]
PWA apps account for 80% of the traffic on all of our ad platforms, and we also offer them for rent. Speaking in numbers, there are guys who are currently generating over 300 daily deposits directly from Facebook 🔥
🍒 And most importantly, we only produce high-quality products!

In summary:

If you notice a major sports event coming up in any GEO, whether it's the Champions League, IPL, or any tournament that the whole country is watching, reach out to your personal manager, and we'll prepare a PWA app specifically for that event!