Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Cryptocurrency Case: Pouring Crypto into Brazil with a $60,000 Profit

I didn't know how to drive traffic to crypto offers and hadn't received any formal training on it until I purchased a regular spy service for native advertising and grabbed a random pre-lander and creative from there. Around that time, Brazil had just appeared on Aivix, so I decided to test it out. Almost immediately, I realized that the conversion rate was fantastic, and pouring traffic into crypto was incredibly profitable!

Initially, the payout for Brazil was $300 for each deposit, but gradually the rate increased to $325, and eventually, we settled at $350.
The creatives initially performed well and yielded positive results. Here, I will show you the ones that performed exceptionally well and generated the highest profit:
A screenshot from a tracker.
Here is a creative that generated many registrations but did not result in any deposits:
Here is another poor-performing creative that resulted in a negative outcome:

Here are the translations of the texts you provided:

  1. A man from {Region} earns 2,580 Brazilian reals per day.
  2. Earn 740 reals per day in {region} without leaving your home.
  3. Residents of {Region} earn 350 dollars per hour using this method.
  4. People in {region} are becoming wealthy thanks to Bitcoins.
  5. A man from {Region} earns 1,580 reals per day.
  6. The rich don't want you to know about this! $120 per minute?

To maintain a high CTR (Click-Through Rate) and good conversion, it is necessary to use images with a lot of money (testing both dollars and reals) in hand, next to a laptop, on a desk. It is important to caption them beautifully, using the user's city macro to pique their interest.

Pre-landers in the form of success stories of people who have earned from cryptocurrency play a crucial role in conversions. Without them, no deposits will be made. Pre-landers often burn out, so it's necessary to come up with new ones or edit existing ones (which I did), and also search for pre-landers on spy services or ask the affiliate manager as they also provide them. If there are registrations but no deposits, it's likely that the pre-lander has burned out, and users are registering out of curiosity rather than the desire to make money. Split testing pre-landers will reveal all of this.
The most profitable pre-lander I created myself was with a gas station attendant, by modifying another one I found on a spy service. Below, I am adding its photo, and at the end of the case, there will be an archive with this pre-lander so that you can examine it thoroughly.
Other pre-landers also performed well:
I am also showing a pre-lander that received registrations but had a low number of deposits, indicating that it didn't resonate well with the audience. I wouldn't say that it is significantly different from the ones that performed well and converted successfully. Continuous testing and conducting split tests are essential to optimize performance.
As soon as a person submits their application and registers, they receive a call from a call center representative who explains how to make a deposit and start trading on the platform.

Here is the landing page that users are directed to after the pre-lander. As you can see, the user's city is also displayed at the top.
It is essential to use a tracker when running campaigns and track the sources that generate registrations and deposits to create blacklists. As a bonus, I will attach my downloaded CSV file with blacklists for Brazil. If you wish, you can upload it to your campaign in MGID.

I can also show you a screenshot of the platforms that generated the most revenue:
Devices and operating systems were used for traffic generation almost universally, except for macOS and KaiOS, which did not bring in profits.
When testing crypto offers, I recommend pouring different creatives into different categories as the conversion rates vary. For crypto, there are two available categories: Options and Currencies.
The hosting used was inexpensive, costing $10 per month. For the pre-landers, around 5-7 domains were required (sometimes triggering antivirus databases). The tracker used was the cloud-based BeMob, which is a significant advantage as it eliminates the need for extensive setup and high costs, with only $50 per month.

Final screenshots:

Affiliate network: (The amount is higher because there were multiple traffic sources besides MGID, although MGID accounted for 90% of the traffic).
At first, I created several campaigns in the tracker, but then I realized that it didn't make sense.
From MGID, I received cashback twice within a span of 2 months, with the highest amount being $1603 and $1254. Additionally, from the Aivix affiliate program, specifically the Aivix Store, I received many valuable gifts, totaling approximately $3000. I also consider the sale of some of these gifts as part of my profit.