Traffic arbitrage cases
Overview of affiliate programs" можно определить как a review and description of various affiliate programs that offer earning opportunities in internet marketing. Such overviews typically include details on the terms of participation in the program, the amount of commission payouts
Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: Promoting high-quality in-page dating in Japan

Hello, friends! Dating is considered one of the most attractive verticals for starting in traffic arbitrage. This is primarily because we don't need to sell anything. However, there are still some tricks and peculiarities to consider in order to achieve the desired profit. Today's case will show how to promote dating in the current conditions, and even do it alone. Let's get started!

Choosing an offer

One of the major advantages of dating is the ability to promote it in any GEO without specific language skills. The texts in promotional materials can be easily translated using online translators. Nevertheless, it is essential to study the mentality of the local people, their preferences in communicating with the opposite sex, and their romantic inclinations before starting.

For this case, we selected an affiliate program of a Japanese dating site. The payout for registrations was $5.6. As it is known, due to heavy workloads, many Japanese people often lack time and energy for offline partner search. Therefore, dating services and adult games are popular in the country. It's time to take advantage of this!

Choosing an advertising format

The campaign was set up on the advertising network ClickAdilla, which offers 11 advertising formats. For dating, web push and in-page formats are the most suitable. The in-page format represents an ad that sticks to a specific area of the screen. These ads visually resemble system notifications of messengers or devices themselves. They can be displayed on any devices and operating systems.

ClickAdilla offers two types of in-page formats: medium quality and high quality. The high-quality version has a smaller clickable area, highlighted with a green frame, and the close button is easily clickable. All of this minimizes the likelihood of accidental clicks and increases the number of conversions. Unlike push notifications, this format is not subscription-based, so the users are always fresh. The network provides over 10 million impressions of this format, and the cost per click starts from $0.005.

Campaign Settings

We targeted Japanese men using mobile devices since it is known that Japanese people practically live with smartphones in their hands. The campaign started running at the recommended bid, but in order to get more traffic, the bid was increased to $0.14 per click. This is not a very budget-friendly cost, but it was more than justified for the chosen HQ format.
Using blacklists and whitelists is an important feature on the platform and should be utilized. After some time, it became clear that top-rated 18+ websites provided the highest number of conversions, so they were added to the whitelist. This action significantly increased the CTR.

It is also important to set daily limits based on your budget capabilities. In this case, the limit was set at $125 per day, but it was never possible to fully exhaust this limit due to high competition among traffic hunters.


The creatives did not use large images, only icons. These icons featured natural-looking photos of women. A small icon allows the main focus to be on the text, which is crucial. It is necessary to test as many photos as possible and then select the most successful ones.

Direct approaches in the text no longer work, so it is important to disguise the advertisement as messages from real women and appeal to people's emotions. Examples include: "I'm free today! Want to chat?" or "I want to have some fun tonight!" and so on.
This is what the creative looks like in Japanese.

In the end, the campaign ran for 7 days. The CTR remained between 0.56-0.66, which is quite good.
Over the course of a week, $520 was spent, resulting in 156 registrations that generated $884 in revenue. The net profit amounted to $364. This can be considered a great result, especially considering the minimal labor costs.

As you can see, people want to meet online in various countries. Our task consists of five consecutive and clear stages:

  1. Finding an interesting offer.
  2. Choosing a suitable traffic source.
  3. Proper campaign setup.
  4. Creating and testing creatives.
  5. Optimization, including gathering black or white lists and experimenting with bids.

Give it a try, and then you'll be able to share your own results. Best of luck!