Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: $5577 on Idealica weight loss with Facebook*

Facebook Weight loss products
Case: $5577 on Idealica weight loss with Facebook*

For many years, I have been working with Leadreaktor because it provides direct advertising with its own products, and they are always open to negotiations regarding approvals and rates. Our manager Kirill shared a new weight loss product for the Mexican market, just when our previous weight loss offer stopped converting. Idealica is a well-known offer, available in almost all GEOs at Leadreaktor, and it has recently been introduced in Mexico. We have already tested various approaches and creatives for Spanish-speaking GEOs, so it was not difficult to target the Mexican audience.

Offer: Idealica
Affiliate network: Leadreaktor
Traffic source: Facebook*
Campaign period: June 5, 2022 - June 15, 2022
Advertising costs: $2300
Revenue generated: $5577
Profit: $3277
ROI: 142.48%

In this case, I won't be discussing how to create trendy accounts. Instead, let's consider a more stable working model, which is renting accounts. I have some good expertise in this area, and I don't mind sharing it.

Renting Accounts: Pros and Cons + How to Find Account Providers
Renting Accounts: Pros and Cons + How to Find Account Providers

The recommended GEOs for account renting are Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan. These countries are still highly receptive to this service.

Here's how to find account providers:
Pricing ranges from $0.2 to $0.5 per day, depending on the quality of the account. The first 3 days are non-payable as a trial period.

The account provider is granted access to our anti-detection browser with a pre-prepared profile and separate login credentials. In the anti-detection browser, we have already accumulated cookies for 2-3 days using the specialized "Cookie Robot" feature in Octo Browser.
The user logs in using their own native IP address. Following a video tutorial, they link our payment method.

By the way, the question of payments is currently the most relevant. Leadreaktor helps our webmasters solve this issue - simply reach out to your manager.

On the third day, proxies specific to the GEO are connected to the profile. We use IPv4 proxies. We utilize rented accounts using the following scheme: Personal Account (PM) + Business Manager (BM) King + Shared autoregs on it.


  • Trustworthy accounts.
  • Can pass any account verification checks. However, I can note that we haven't experienced any account suspensions with Octo Browser.
  • Relatively low cost for a trusted account.
  • Unlimited quantity - it all depends on your appetite.
  • No trendy accounts.


  • Lengthy negotiation process with account providers.
  • Not always convenient payment methods (local cards).
  • Limited availability of account providers for communication.
  • Not all account providers are reasonable.

Now let's move on to creatives and the campaign setup.

Creatives and Campaign Setup:

The recipe for a converting creative is simple and has been tested for years across various Latin American GEOs.

Text: Adios barriga en 7 dias! (Goodbye belly in 7 days!)

Image 1: A person with doctor attributes. Image 2: Product image that evokes a sense of benefit.

Campaign setup: Exclude cities where delivery is not available, start with a budget of $30-40, 1 ad set, 2 ads.

The lead cost throughout the campaign does not exceed $2.

Account lifespan ranges from $200-500.

My approach is simple: if it's working, don't touch it! If, at any point, the lead cost seems too high, there's no need to panic and relaunch the campaign. Over time, the lead cost will even out - an example from one of the accounts is shown in the screenshot.
Here is a screenshot of the statistics with the results of the campaign: