Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: $10,030 on IdealFit nutra offer in 2 weeks.

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Greetings, dear arbitrageurs! M1 affiliate network is here, and today we would like to share a fresh case from one of our webmasters. And for everyone who can replicate this case, we will be giving away a brand-new MacBook Pro with an M1 processor! All the details on how to claim the prize can be found at the end of the article. Enjoy reading!

Offer Selection

The product itself was recommended to me by a manager who mentioned that there was a new Burzh nutra offer with the M1-Shop call center. The affiliate network's call center has never let me down, and they also provide bonuses for new offers. I ordered creatives and started setting up my advertising campaign for the IdealFit offer.
My pre-landing page
Landing page
The final link looked like this:

Leak details:

The lead price varied from $2 to $6, averaging around $4. On the account that generated 90% of the traffic, the lead price was exactly $4. If Facebook didn't engage the audience, I would relaunch the campaign.

Statistics from M1-Shop.
Screenshots of the Facebook leak are unfortunately not available as they were not saved. The traffic was generated from real social accounts. After the users changed their passwords, access to the accounts was lost. Initially, I didn't plan to write a case, so I didn't anticipate this situation. I will be more prepared next time.


I used Keitaro and imklo for cloaking. This way, if a domain got banned, I could quickly switch it along with the white page and continue running campaigns. However, in this case, I didn't experience any domain bans.


The cost was 100 Russian rubles per piece, although it used to be 50. I could have generated or downloaded them for free, but based on my experience, when I obtained whites specifically from this source, there were almost no bans.

Facebook accounts:

I get the accounts from a private shop for social accounts where typically more than $30 has been spent on FP (Feed Posts), and it passes KYC (Know Your Customer). I cannot disclose the name of the shop as I sometimes struggle to purchase accounts there myself.

I used Fbtool to clean the comments. It's a convenient tool where comments are displayed in Telegram, and you can open or delete them right there. There were many comments, and I even learned some Spanish words.

Why did I stop the traffic and not continue?

I decided to try myself in gambling, something I've wanted to do for a while. And if it doesn't work out, I'll return to this offer unless, of course, you squeeze it dry. 😉
In conclusion, I would like to add that during the course of this case study, I became the top-ranked affiliate in the M1-Shop and remained in the top positions for almost the entire period. I was thrilled to test Burzh offers with M1's own call center. Currently, the offer has a 30% approval rate, which initially started at 23%, but even with that, everything was profitable. The conditions are favorable, so I highly recommend everyone to give it a try!

Furthermore, for those who can replicate this case, M1-Shop is giving away a brand-new MacBook Pro with an M1 processor. To qualify, you need to generate 370 approvals on any of the following offers by April 30th:

IdealFit - weight loss drops Cardialica - bio-complex for hypertension Keto Balance - weight loss capsules

Approvals from all offers and GEOs will be combined, and you will have twice as much time as our webmaster had during the case study.

Attention! Only webmasters who have not previously promoted these offers are eligible to participate in the contest. Good luck to everyone!