Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: $10,000 on Nutra. Conquering a new niche on the first try.

Facebook Nutra Weight loss products

Key Metrics

  • Dump period: 08.05.2022-11.06.2022
  • Expenses: ~$8,276
  • Revenue: ~$18,372
  • Profit: ~$10,095 ROI: ~122% (ROI calculator)
  • Source: Facebook
  • Affiliate Network:
  • Offer: Dialine - Dietary Supplement for Diabetics
  • Geo: Mexico

Expenses and Technical Details

  • Anti-detect: Dolphin Anty
  • Proxies: Mobile (matching the account's geo)
  • Accounts: High-limit accounts (rented) + farming for technical purposes
  • Cloaking: Keitaro filters (local method)
  • Whites: Website builders
  • Domains: With history and trust
  • Fan Page: With history and followers

Offer and Pre-landing Page Selection

In May, I made the decision to try promoting a dietary supplement for diabetics. The niche is somewhere in the middle in terms of popularity, which means there are plenty of opportunities to create unique angles that no one has thought of yet, as well as a certain knowledge base regarding what works and what doesn't. I chose Mexico as the geo because it has a large population, allowing for long-term campaigns. Additionally, a pleasant bonus would be the potential for scaling to other Latin American countries in the future.
Lead capture pre-landers work better in the Latin American market. That's why I specifically worked with them.
In the split test, I included pre-landers from the affiliate network as well as my own. It became evident during the tests that my own pre-landers performed better. I then adapted the template to match the local website, and here's what I ended up with:
It was decided to remove the discount carousel. I recommend always testing different approaches because results can vary significantly depending on the geo and offer. Our order form is integrated directly into the pre-lander.
The phone number validator was not functioning properly, so to avoid missing out on conversions, it was decided to disable it.

Creatives and Approaches

During the test, around 10 creatives were used, and here are some of them:
On each geo, there are several personalities who have been used for years and consistently provide low-cost clicks. In the photo, one of these characters is depicted, who works well for Mexico. I cannot show the face, but I'll provide a hint.
In the end, this creative became the primary one during the campaign:

Campaign Launch and Scaling

After I finalized the creative and pre-lander, a clear picture began to emerge in terms of conversion and clickability. The CTR (Click-Through Rate) at the start on Facebook was around 11%, with a CR (Conversion Rate) of 1.1%. Thanks to the extremely low-cost clicks, we were able to achieve an average CPL (Cost Per Lead) of $1.2. With an initial bid of $8 and an approval rate of around 35%, the estimated ROI (Return on Investment) was approximately 130%.
After stable traffic started flowing, I negotiated with my manager Ane from to bump up the bids to $14. I then proceeded to scale the ad campaign, but Facebook was banning a significant portion of the ads. This image best describes the process of campaign scaling:
Over time, the CTR (Click-Through Rate) started to decline as the frequency of the creative being shown increased. Simultaneously, the pre-lander also experienced burnout. As a result, in the tracker, we have the following outcome:


The following setup of expendables was used for the campaign:
A Business Manager (BM) was created using a high-limit personal account on a rental basis. Then, the rented high-limit personal account was added to the BM through an invitation link. Subsequently, a farming account with admin role and full access was invited to the BM. A trusted Fan Page was also added to the BM. The farming account serves as a technical account through which statistics are pulled and work with comments is conducted. The rental side handles tasks such as linking cards, creating pixels, and launching campaigns.
It is advisable to keep the Fan Page on a separate account so that it can be saved in case of BM ban. The pixel is used from a personal account to avoid the need to change it in case of a BM ban. In the event of a BM ban, the high-limit personal account is transferred through friendship to the farming account, and the setup continues to operate. The Fan Page is transferred to the rental account in such cases. If the Business Manager gets disabled on the rental side, we pass the 1-minute PL using a GIF trick, and while the account is under review, the campaign can be managed from the farming account.
With this setup, the accounts have a long lifespan. The record holders have survived for up to 6 months, spending tens of thousands of dollars in the process.


Over the course of 5 weeks, it was possible to achieve a revenue of $18,372. Subsequently, the campaign underwent changes, which I will discuss another time.
Below is a screenshot from the affiliate network for the period of 08.05.2022-11.06.2022.
In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to the affiliate network and my manager Ane, who provided prompt assistance in resolving any issues that arose during my work with the offer.