Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case 211,350 rubles for BAUERFEIND GENUTRAIN knee brace with Facebook and Instagram.

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Hello everyone, I am a webmaster from the M1-Shop affiliate network, and today I want to share my case that I started running at the end of 2020. I believe that the period from December 25th to January 30th is the most suitable time to run traffic from any advertising platform. The auction during these days is practically empty, and the audience is inexpensive. Creatives that previously resulted in zero or slight losses with a heated auction and high CPM, during the New Year holidays, yield a low cost per lead and, as a result, profit.
;BAUERFEIND GENUTRAIN Knee Brace Source:Insta + Fb
Profit: 211,350

Before the New Year, I assigned the team the task of finding offers based on the following criteria:

The offer with a large broad audience. An offer that other arbitrageurs have been running for a long time in spy services. A white hat offer for Facebook to avoid bans.

The BAUERFEIND offer for running was found by chance. I didn't believe in it before, but after testing it with one team member, I realized I was wrong. The offer has a wide target audience, an increased rate from M1, and excellent approval rate of 54%.

The creative was taken from a spy service. I can't say exactly which one, but our team exclusively uses Adhert and Publer. The criterion for searching creatives was simple: the creative had been running on Facebook for at least 30 days, meaning it hasn't been banned by Facebook, and most likely the arbitrageur is clearly making a profit. Otherwise, why would they run a negative creative for 30 days? 😊

Based on the given criteria, only 1 creative was found, which showed good results during test runs and provided an excellent cost per lead during the scaling process.

  1. Ad Text: 💥Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Brace🔥 Non-surgical treatment for knees! ✅ Securely stabilizes the knee joint. ✅ Relieves pain and reduces swelling. ✅ Restores knee mobility. ✅ Protects against recurrent injuries. Order now and get up to 53% discount! 🔥 🚗 Fast delivery. 💵 Payment upon receipt. 📄 German quality certificate.

  1. Campaign Details: The traffic was generated from Business Managers (BM) with a spending limit of $250 and an account age of at least 1 year. Such BMs are less likely to be banned quickly. Additionally, old Fan Pages created more than 1 year ago were used when launching the ads. This allowed the ad account to live a long and happy life. The creation date of the Fan Page is important for Facebook and its trust in the advertising campaign. The older the page, the better, even if it doesn't have any subscribers. If you create a Fan Page and immediately start running ads, you will likely get banned within 3-4 days of running the traffic.

Screenshot from the first launched ad account:
Cost per lead: 1.75 euros (~150 rubles). Over time, the cost per lead started to increase, and once it reached 250 rubles, we stopped working with the offer.

The CPM on Instagram was around 1.6 euros. Thanks to the low CPM, the offer turned profitable with a proven creative. The cost per lead on Facebook placements was even lower, but the audience there is much smaller and quickly burns out. In total, around 200-300 leads were generated from Facebook platforms.

Statistics from M1:

Well, that's it! I was glad to share a successful case from myself and my team. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments. Wishing everyone good luck!