Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

We are launching a weight loss program in Canada with a profit of 517,000 rubles.

Facebook Meta Nutra
Let's talk about the SS-offer Keto Body Trim - a weight loss supplement. But first, we recommend that you read our insider article on what SS-offers are and why they are so good. After that, you will especially appreciate the power of our new offer.

  • Offer: Keto Body Trim
  • Dump period: 06/01/2021-31/01/2021
  • Expenses: 471,954 rubles
  • Income: 989,625 rubles
  • Profit: 517,671 rubles
  • CR: 4.48%
  • ROI: 110%
  • Source: Facebook
  • GEO: Canada


We mainly work with banners (scroll carousel). Sometimes we test videos, but our experience has shown that images perform better. They also have a longer lifespan (similar CTR, around 2-5%).

For banners, we primarily use the "junk" approach - clickbait image (usually exotic fruits, strange food, etc.) + authoritative figure (person with credentials) + text (often neutral, without trigger words).


We work with Keitaro. However, we don't have a consistent drainage method and always balance between different options. Each approach gives us approximately the same result.

JS base 64 + constructor; White, locally uploaded with a redirect to black; Basic cloaking setup method from Jah. Each approach gives us approximately the same result.

The average spend from one advertising campaign at the moment is around $50-90. There is a significant variation in these figures from week to week. Some campaigns can reach $100-150, while others may have micro spends (as low as $15).

The average cost per lead for us is around $60-80 in the long run.

We work with rentals, farmed accounts, and also use personal accounts since business manager accounts often get banned lately. When the accounts are fine, we work with them.

Setting up an advertising campaign

Targeting: We set it up for a female audience aged 35-60. We split the breakdown into 30-40, 41-50, and 51-60. Our best results usually come from the 40+ age group, but women aged 30-40 also convert well. So, we either target 30-60 or 35-60, depending on the mood.

Placements: We only run ads on the Facebook feed. We have tested other options but didn't see any significant results. We set the attribution window to 1 day after the click.

Creatives: We go to the spy tool, look for the most successful ads, uncover the cloaking techniques, take the landing page, adapt the code to our needs, and test it. We repeat this process until we find something worthwhile. Typically, it involves news-style ads with a dietitian or celebrity.

Our average conversion rate is 3-5%. There are days when almost all campaigns perform well, and the conversion rate goes up to 8-10%. Occasionally, there are slight downturns, but they are not significant or frequent.

We run campaigns with a budget of $80-150, using the 1-1-1 rule (no duplicating ad sets and ads).


SS-offers can and should be run. There is no approval process or trashy elements involved. Instead, there is a fixed payout for a specific action, making it easier to forecast ROI. The test run on the Keto Body Trim offer confirms this.