Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

$5480 on the strait with the help of PWA applications: a real case from the partner

Facebook Gambling
Hello everyone! Today, we will analyze the case of our partners, the "Arbitrax Team" (pronounced Arbitrax!), about the breakthrough in PWA applications with a 100% ROI! We have decided to present the case in a question-answer format. Let's get started!🔥

Case: Breakthrough in PWA Applications Location: Russia Gross Earnings: $5480 Net Earnings: $1980 ROI: 36%, final working ROI - 100%.

Let's break down this case from the beginning. What was the cost per click on Facebook?

The cost per click ranged from $0.1 to $0.25. We aimed to keep the click cost within this range to maintain a stable ROI.

What was the click-to-install conversion rate?

It was around 1:3. For every 100 clicks on Facebook, we obtained approximately 30 installations.

What Facebook settings did you use? Targeting/Placements?

We used personal ad accounts without Business Manager, following the instructions in the manual. We created a pixel and set the conversion goal as sales. Regarding targeting and strategies, each buyer had their own approach. Some focused on broad targeting while excluding audience and messaging placements, while others experimented with interests.

Did you also run campaigns on regular WebView applications in this case?

We attempted to run regular WebView applications in a split test. However, compared to running campaigns on PWA links, it was much easier to work with the links. They had minimal rejection probability, fewer bans (with good creatives), and provided a more stable environment without ban issues. So, we allocated almost no volume to regular applications.

The only thing we needed to do was to check the PWA cloaked links twice a day using the Facebook developers tool ( to ensure that the links were not banned by Facebook.

Why do you check the PWA cloaked links through the Facebook developers tool twice a day?

To ensure that if the PWA cloaked link gets flagged or banned by Facebook, we don't launch new accounts with that link anymore. If there is an error, we stop loading accounts with that link.

*Comment from Maxim at I will consider how to set up automated checks and notifications in the bot if Facebook bans a link.

And then, how many accounts can survive with one PWA cloaked link before it gets banned by Facebook?

Around 20 accounts. One account corresponds to one advertising campaign.

Does each account survive with the same PWA cloaked link, or can you launch even 100 accounts? What if 80 accounts get banned?

Launching 100 accounts with one link is a complex question. In reality, we didn't launch 100 accounts with one link. We usually start with 30 accounts, out of which 20 pass the initial stage, and 10 encounter standard gambling-related errors, rejections, and policy issues due to creatives.

How much spend can you accumulate on one PWA cloaked link before it gets banned by Facebook?

$1500+ without any issues, combining the spend from all 20 accounts. The average spend per account is $150+. Accounts can live up to 4 days, depending on the set limits.

By the way, how can you tell if a link has been banned by Facebook?

Simply copy and paste the domain into the following link: If it indicates that the link cannot be used anymore, it means it has been banned, and we have to forget about using that link.

What type of accounts do you use?

We use regular accounts, both purchased and sometimes farmed. We do not utilize rented accounts.

What is the average price for purchased and farmed accounts?

Logs cost around $2.5, while farmed accounts cost around $12. Choosing a reliable seller is crucial. We had some trial and error before finding a trustworthy one. Now we only purchase accounts from that seller.

Now, the main question: the final ROI was 36%, but the working ROI was 100%. How is that possible?

We calculated the overall ROI rather than the peak performance of a refined combination. As a result, the working ROI was around 100%, but the final ROI ended up being
As soon as we started using the product-specific application, the conversion rate increased by almost 2 times!

And the most important thing! Once we optimized the combination, payment transactions for Russia started to decline rapidly. Due to this, we had a couple of disappointing days, and we switched to another GEO.

So, if payment transactions hadn't declined for Russia, would you have continued scaling the combination?

Yes! Everything was great! There were days when we had 30 deposits daily and planned to scale up to 100 deposits per day. But when the payment transaction issues arose and the conversion rate for deposits dropped, we decided to stop.

The only reason why we couldn't increase ROI and profit was the payment transactions in Russia. I'm not sure about the current situation with payment transactions in Russia. We switched to other GEOs and didn't invest much in the Russian market because, unfortunately, payment transactions were not always stable, and it posed risks for us at scale.

That's all! We thank Alexander for his time and for sharing his experience with PWA application promotion! You can find more information about PWA applications on's social media channels! Subscribe!