Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: $20,372 profit on gambling in Greece within one month.

Facebook Gambling
Hello everyone! It's the Improve Team here. In February, we decided to test a new geo for ourselves - Greece. There aren't many Greek offers on the market, and the hordes of arbitrageurs haven't flocked to this country yet, which made it even more interesting for us. We chose an offer from a major advertiser who offered us $100 on a CPA model. Right from the first tests, Greece showed promising results. The initial installs were below $2, and the first deposit yielded $37.


At first, we explored the spaes and noticed a lack of diverse creatives for Greece. Most of them were standard slots with some emotional elements. We created two variations ourselves: slot machines and static images featuring the casino's logo along with money being deposited into an account.
Here is an example of a successful creative that also generated installs at an average cost of $2:

In our texts, we also kept it light and often chose very casual options or descriptions, such as:

⚡️With this app, all possibilities will open up for you!⚡️ 🍀Fruits Spinner waits for you.🔥 Meet the new graphics and stay tuned with new updates.📲 Enjoy the fun with your friends. Try to beat your high score. (+ translated them into Greek)


We used similar images in the previews.

Please note that without specific details or descriptions of the images, I cannot provide an accurate translation.
Accounts and Settings:

We primarily used 50s and 250s EU logs for our campaigns, with a small portion from auto-registrations (50) and also mitigated risk through renting accounts.


Feed + audience Gender: Male Age: 22-55

Occasionally, we diversified placements to maintain the install cost (but not frequently, around 10-15% of total traffic).


We focused solely on Android with a highly gambling-oriented design. We ran campaigns with install optimization. Here are the results:

Average install cost: $1.91 Average registration cost: $7.50 Average deposit cost: $56 Install-to-registration-to-deposit ratio: 1:4:7

Screenshot from Ketero:
Net Profit:

$46,300 - $25,928 - $1,685 (expenses) = $18,687.

In conclusion, we recommend everyone not to be afraid of testing new and less popular geos. It's possible that there, you'll find your profit. ☺