Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: $1,340 net profit per week with Facebook*

It was in the second half of July. The new type of fraudulent traffic had just started appearing, while the old fraudulent traffic hadn't been filtered out massively yet. This garbage with fraudulent traffic knocked me out of active campaigns for a couple of weeks, and the volume dropped. I won't complain, especially since I found a way to now generate new fraudulent traffic in decent volumes, and everything is flowing again.

The campaign itself is alive and well. I change creatives frequently. But overall, the conversion rate is solid, the key is to squeeze out volume from this garbage (Facebook).

PP: Pepper Partners GEO: Brazil Campaign period: June 17-25, 2022 Offer: GG.BET Revenue: $3,240 Traffic cost: $1,500 Account cost: $400 Profit: $1,340

Traffic Generation Method

I probably won't reveal any special secret; I used standard methods for traffic generation. I bought accounts from the Pepper Partners store and used 10 auto-registrations per farm. I know many people used 20, but since one card is tied to 10 accounts, it was more convenient for me to allocate one card per account bundle.

Since 10-20% of the auto-registrations don't survive until card linking, I purchased 12 auto-registrations per mother account, resulting in 10 ready-to-use accounts for the campaign. I bought the cards from

I used Dolphin for the campaign, and I didn't even bother going through anti-fraud checks for the accounts. I created the fraudulent traffic myself, also through Dolphin.

One mother account spent up to $200. It could have spent more, but I stopped most of the accounts at $1 before billing because they simply weren't converting. The main spending came from accounts that caught a cheap install.

As a result, I had a relatively high percentage of expenses for consumables compared to the traffic spend. But the ROI was above a hundred.

Offer and GEO

I've been in arbitrage for a little over six months, and like most people, I started with the CIS region. With the start of the war, everything changed drastically, and I switched to targeting Europe. I tried different GEOs and offers, but it didn't work at all. In my opinion, it's an extremely saturated region, with high CPM and install costs.

Sergei (the affiliate manager) advised me to target LATAM. They gave me the GG.BET offer for Brazil with a payout of $40, and I went for it.


Based on my experience, the best engagement was with accounts targeting men aged 30-55. The traffic was slightly more expensive than when targeting the standard 23-55 age range, but I didn't pay for non-engagements, and I had more engagements with the 30+ audience. I tried selecting only big cities, but I didn't notice any significant difference and eventually stopped focusing on that.

Sergei also advised me to check the "Living here" option. Maybe it increases conversions in Europe, but in Brazil, apart from a higher CPM, I didn't notice any changes. This is just my experience, and I'm not insisting on it.


At first, I used various creatives from the spy tools. However, I found that a wheel creative worked best for Brazil in different configurations.

For example, like this: [Please provide the specific creative or describe it in more detail if you have a specific image in mind.]
I tried using a news approach, but it didn't work at all. The conversion rate was slightly higher, but the cost per install was one and a half times higher.

In the end, almost all the traffic was directed to creatives with wheels, banks, and dynamic music. All the classic elements.

I checked Advert every day, took some interesting ideas from there, but I never saw cheap installs. I could have ordered designs based on those ideas, but I decided not to spend unnecessarily and to continue squeezing the working theme. I think this approach to creatives will continue to work for a long time.

Ideally, it would be great to work with a designer who has experience in targeting LATAM. Personally, I haven't noticed any specific differences, except for language and music, in creatives for LATAM and Europe. But my designer says there are some minor nuances, although they haven't specifically mentioned what they are.

Campaign Results

The best results were from June 17 to June 25, so I'll share those numbers.

  • Installs: 2,728
  • Registrations: 1,580
  • Deposits: 81
  • Installs to Registrations: 1.73:1
  • Registrations to Deposits: 19.5:1
  • Installs to Deposits: 33.7:1
  • Traffic spend: $1,500
  • Cost per Install: $0.55
  • Revenue: $3,240
  • Profit: $1,340
  • ROI: 116%


I believe that LATAM is currently the top GEO. The traffic is cheap, converts well, and has an ROI above a hundred. The only question is how to extract a lot of traffic from Facebook, but it seems that the new fraudulent practices are solving that issue, and everything is flowing again.

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