Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: $120 on Sweeps with Popunder Traffic in 5 days!

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Hello everyone! Today we have a great case on a GEO that has already become mainstream - South Africa. I will show you excellent results and give advice on working with the offer.
  • Traffic: Popunder from
  • Offer: Adsterra CPA Network
  • GEO: ZA (South Africa)
  • Spent: $361.8
  • Revenue: $482.4
  • Profit: $120.6
  • ROI: 33.3% (ROI calculator)

Choosing GEO and traffic source.

Choosing an offer.
Let's start with the fact that Sweepstakes are one of the most popular types of offers. In our case, we are dealing with a subscription to win an iPhone 11. This is one of the most popular and successful offers at the moment.
Information about the offer:
  • Conversion type: CPA
  • Vertical: Sweepstakes Pinsubmit
  • Device format: Mobile
  • OS type: Android, IOS
  • Payout per registration - $1.2
Screenshot of the final landing page:


Before starting to work with the offer, clarify with your manager about the competitors for this type of offer in your desired GEO. In my case, the competition in ZA is high, so it is necessary to approach the payout selection with caution.
So, after a conversation with the manager, I made the decision to work with the offer on a CPA model with a bid of $0.9 per registration. In my opinion, this is the most favorable option in this case, as I won't spend too much of my budget.


The importance of choosing creatives for popunder traffic is not only determined by the number of conversions we will ultimately receive but also by the amount of irrelevant traffic and bots that are filtered out. Therefore, it is essential to approach this issue wisely.
Let's try to select pre-landers that will perform the best
Here is a list of examples:
Based on my experience, I can say that the most converting pre-landers are dynamic ones, where users are required to complete surveys, spin wheels for prizes, and so on.
Please note that all branded pre-landers (and in our case, they are branded) are misleading. This is important to consider if you are working with offers that have restrictions on misleading content.
Don't forget that the presence of alerts and sound on the pre-lander can also influence the convertibility. Such additions almost always have a positive impact on the conversion probability, increasing it. However, I advise you not to overdo it with too many alerts; everything should be in moderation.


Stage 1 (Changing pre-landers)
When working with Sweepstakes, it is essential to change your pre-landers regularly. If you notice that something is not performing well, simply switch to a new pre-lander. I advise making all pre-lander manipulations during the testing phase to avoid wasting the budget unnecessarily.
A small tip: you can unload all the pre-landers you have and gradually disable those with the lowest conversion rates.
Stage 2 (Custom bids on placements)
It's a well-known feature from Adsterra, which I described in previous cases. It allows using an enhanced version of the regular blacklist, where bids can be allocated to specific placements. This enables you to increase payouts only for the most converting placements, rather than increasing the payout for the entire campaign.
Summary of settings: Targeting on Android and IOS; Mainstream traffic; Mobile devices.
I apologize for any confusion


Total spent on Adsterra throughout all days is $361.8.
The total revenue is $482.4.
Profit is $482.4 - $361.8 = $120.6

ROI is 33.3%. (ROI calculator)


So, summing up, we can say that sweeps remain relatively simple to work with, yet consistently bring in a stable profit, albeit not a significant one.
Even with the high competition in ZA, we managed to get the necessary number of impressions and conversions to make the campaign profitable.
The combination is performing well and converting nicely. I think we can continue running it for a bit longer and slightly increase the bid.