Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: Gambling on Brazil in FB with auto-registrations with ROI 139%.

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Let's put it this way. Despite the regular issues with FB's moderation systems, we continue to explore new ways to bypass them and consistently generate profit using various farming combinations, including auto-registrations.

For a visual example, we have prepared a case study in collaboration with Mostbet Partners, showcasing gambling on the Brazil GEO. This case once again proves that no matter how challenging the moderation system of the traffic source may seem, profits are still achievable. The approach is what matters.

So, set aside your doubts, prepare your calculator, and see a real-life profit example from Syndicate Group!
Brazil is the largest country in South America. Its population is 214 million people (ranking 7th among the most populous countries in the world), with 87% residing in major metropolitan areas. There are a total of 17 cities in the country with a population of over 1 million. The age group between 18 to 50 years old constitutes 51% of the total population, significantly expanding the potential target audience for the offer.
Unlike most countries in Latin America, the official language of Brazil is Portuguese.
Brazilians are a football-loving and highly patriotic nation. The colors of the national flag (yellow, green, and blue) are used extensively, providing creative ideas during the advertising development stage. Their innate passion for football means they have a lively sense of excitement and a high level of trust in football celebrities in the media. Many have witnessed how Brazilians passionately support their national football team and how they admire stars like Neymar or Ronaldinho.
When studying the spy service for parameters of Brazil GEO and the gambling vertical, four main approaches to creating creatives can be identified:
Direct call to action. In this case, photos of Brazilian celebrities or football stars are often used. Gameplay. Demonstration of the gaming process and subsequent winnings. The most popular approach in creatives:
Reaction + gameplay. A classic approach with the reaction to the winnings and minimal gameplay simulation. The more lively and realistic the emotions are, the higher the likelihood of profit:
News. The news format is less common and represents a creative news in the format of 'Breaking NEWS! Player from Rio de Janeiro hits the JACKPOT in...
For the spill, we chose an approach with a reaction to the win and added a bit of gameplay:
For a successful spillage, we also needed:
  • Keitaro Tracker
  • FanPage of a new type
  • Autorun
The main currency of Brazil is the Brazilian Real (1 BRL = 0.19 USD). The average salary of a Brazilian is around 300 USD, while the minimum wage is about 200 USD. In the global ranking of nominal GDP, the country holds the ninth position. The most popular social network is Facebook.
Features of campaign setup:
  • Campaign setup specifics:
  • Geo: Brazil Age: 23-50.
  • A wide age range allowed us to reach a larger potential target audience.
  • Gender: M-60%; F-40%. Surprisingly, in a country with such a passionate mentality, women are also interested in gambling games.
  • OS: Android 9+
  • Scheme: 9 autorags to one KING account. FanPage PZRZ of a new type were linked to KING account in 2-3 units each
After understanding the campaign settings and tools, we immediately proceed to account preparation and creating the bundle:
  • We make sure to accept all rules on the KING account.
  • We check for the presence of the FanPage.
  • We check the application for active accounts linked to the card.
  • We provide accurate naming, age, and budget.
  • We verify the 7-day attribution window setup.
  • We set the conversion goal as a purchase.
The statistics of our advertising campaign for the past 7 days are as follows:
  • Installations: 8980
  • Registrations: 6792
  • Deposits: 729
  • Registrations after app install: 75%
  • Deposits after registration: 7%
For Brazil, this is an excellent conversion rate. Through simple calculations, we can see that the offer performed well and brought us a profit of $14,847 during the week of the campaign.


The gambling industry continues to evolve, with new GEOs and approaches to promotion emerging regularly. Gambling remains one of the top directions in affiliate marketing.
With 6 years of experience in the gambling market, Syndicate Group has accumulated extensive expertise and knowledge in the iGaming industry. We continue to collaborate exclusively with licensed online casinos and direct advertisers, such as Mostbet Partners. We would also like to express our gratitude to our manager, Angelina, for her prompt support.
Our idea is to unite representatives of the strongest teams and solo participants in the market and provide them with the necessary infrastructure to increase their profits.