Traffic arbitrage cases
Overview of affiliate programs" можно определить как a review and description of various affiliate programs that offer earning opportunities in internet marketing. Such overviews typically include details on the terms of participation in the program, the amount of commission payouts
Traffic arbitrage cases

Gambling Case 2023: Effective Case for Facebook Ad Campaigns on PWA Apps

Affiliate Program: Traffic Cake
Campaign Duration: October 4th - December 2nd
Vertical: Gambling
Offer: IceCasino
Payout: $200
Geo: Canada
Traffic Source: Facebook
Total First Deposits (FD): 472
Expenses: $1251 (Accounts, Funky, Cards, Domains/PVAs)
Advertising Spend: $69384
Revenue: $94400
Cost per FD: $147
Net Profit: $26267
ROI: 33.6%

Hello arbitrage experts!

JB here. Right now, we're going to review a successful case of running Facebook ads for PWA apps. This combination is hot, so grab it and start running if you can. Let's go!

Offer and Affiliate Program

I have been working with the Traffic Cake affiliate network for a long time. The guys offer decent payouts (with good traffic), and I'm satisfied. I used to promote Vulkan gambling offers all the time, but my manager suggested testing out IceCasino. And it was worth it because the conversion rate was really pleasing.
So, without any guilty conscience, I'm eager to share my referral link for the affiliate network - go ahead and register, don't hesitate.


We will be targeting Canada. It's a lucrative GEO with a good target audience. Many people are afraid to target Canada due to high competition, but they are mistaken. While there is competition, it's not as intense as in the CIS or Eastern European markets. Additionally, there is a sufficient number of avid players in Canada, allowing for a decent profit. The main concern here is the cost of traffic.

Facebook (Accounts and Funnels)

I was running Facebook ads for PWA (Progressive Web App). I tried to keep around 20-25 campaigns running, using auto-registrations with a daily budget of $50, following the classic approach.
In total, I used 37 unique ad accounts, with 5-8 auto-registrations linked to each one. In total, I connected 320 auto-registrations to the campaigns.
Funnels often got banned. But it's a matter of luck with them, as each time is different.
I purchased 30 ad accounts for $15 each.
You can buy them from various shops, there are many of them. Just do a Google search, and you'll find plenty of options. You can also buy them on Telegram.


I decided to take the effort to create my own PWA instead of using the ready-made ones offered by the affiliate network. I believe in unique promotions because it's a crucial factor for successful campaigns. Having a unique PWA will definitely increase the chances of a good conversion rate. Another great advantage of PWAs is the ability to design them specifically for your offer. Check out the screenshot I'm sharing below.
I used the service It's a convenient tool, and their support team is also responsive and helpful.
I purchased 3 domains for PWA, costing $17 each (.com, as there are no alternatives). The PWA service itself cost $60. I did some testing by launching campaigns using cheaper domains and setting up redirects to the PWA domain, as domains tend to get banned on Facebook over time.


I ran 5 creatives - both static images and videos. I won't show my own creatives as I'm still running them for the case. However, I can say that Facebook is currently converting short videos and images in the "luxury + welcome bonus" style quite well. And here's a tip for you: wow creatives work well for Canada - fireworks, champagne, parties, bright slots. And remember, stealing creatives is definitely a bad idea. You can use spy tools for inspiration and come up with even better ones. Let's do it manually, generate ideas for testing, and don't hesitate to reach out to support when needed.


I used the Capitalist payment system. Currently, I'm also testing a new payment gateway for Facebook, maybe I'll reveal it in the next case.

Stats + Screenshots

In a month, I generated 3943 clicks, which resulted in 1294 registrations and 472 First Deposits (FD). By the way, the campaign is still converting, but I'm showing the stats for the month.
Total expenses: $69384, which includes the costs of ad accounts, mother accounts, auto-registrations, and domains. Breaking it down by numbers: ad accounts (mother accounts + auto-registrations) = $370 + $320. FP (Funky Proxy) = $450 + Domains/PVAs = $111, making a total of $1251.

Conclusions and Results:

Make sure to test Canada, as it is a promising GEO. If you're running Facebook ads, use high-quality accounts, with ad accounts being preferable. PWA can definitely be confidently used, as I achieved good conversion rates with it.
I described the creatives for Canada earlier, but testing is key to success.
Facebook is definitely alive and thriving. I can even highlight a couple of pros and cons since I've been working with this platform for quite a long time.


  • Can promote any offer.
  • Large and endless audience, both in the CIS region and internationally.
  • The affiliate network provided a ready-made promo set and offer combination, ready for implementation (but we don't seek the easy way out).
  • Detailed targeting settings (audiences, conversion windows, placements).
  • The PWA approach worked well because we could customize the design to fit the brand.
Now, let's talk about the pitfalls:
  • Account issues: Accounts can be a perpetual headache in the world of Facebook. In this case, Facebook was kind and didn't cause any problems, but accounts are often mercilessly banned.
  • From my observations, traffic becomes more expensive and the quality declines. It could be just paranoia, but it's worth noting.
  • Holds, limits, and caps: Make sure to inquire about all the nuances from your manager right from the start, as working with Facebook often involves strict caps and long holds.


Overall, I am satisfied with this case, and I will definitely continue running campaigns. I also recommend it to you. And once again, I want to express my gratitude to Traffic Cake for their excellent marketing and support.
That's all from me. Wishing everyone high payouts and incredible profits!