Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

New Year's case from Profitov.Partners — $18000 in 10 days.

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Our webmaster shared a case study on driving traffic to Greece, Brazil, Sweden, and Chile. While others were busy shopping for gifts, he managed to earn $18,000 in 10 days (from December 25th, 2022 to January 5th, 2023). It turned out that the profit from such campaigns outweighed the risks.
The webmaster targeted audiences aged 25 and above, following the manager's advice, and didn't miss the mark. There were about 40 creatives in the test, but not all of them showed good results. We're sharing the latest updates on our Instagram.


  • Revenue: $3,500;
  • Installs: ~2,100;
  • Registrations: ~680;
  • FTDs: 120;
  • ROI: 70% (ROI calculator).
"In this GEO, I drove traffic to both Android and iOS through apps. I had previously worked with the offer, but for testing purposes, I took 15 creatives to find a profitable combination. As a result, only 4 working variants remained, along with the New Year creatives, which showed good results."
"Almost all the approaches I know work for Brazil: wheel of fortune, scratch cards, slots, and, in addition, I incorporated players' emotions into everything. Finding a working creative is not so difficult for this GEO."


  • Revenue: $4,500;
  • Installs: ~900;
  • Registrations: ~250;
  • FTDs: 35;
  • ROI: ~150% (ROI calculator).
"On this GEO, the advertising was running only on Android. Initially, there were 8 creatives in the campaign, but half of them were eliminated by me after testing. In Greece, I didn't add any New Year-themed creatives because the ones I had left were performing well with the audience."
"The cost per install sometimes dropped to $1-2, which is very cheap for Greece. I used the Wheel of Fortune in the creatives."


  • Revenue: $1,800;
  • Installs: ~350;
  • Registrations: ~167;
  • FTDs: 20;
  • ROI: 100% (ROI calculator).
"I had never worked with Chile before, but I decided to give it a try before New Year's. I ran the campaign only on Android apps. Initially, I tested 10 creatives, but six of them didn't satisfy me, so I added a thematic New Year's creative."
"The cost per install was unstable, but overall it turned out quite well in the long run. The creatives that performed the best were the ones with full-screen slot visuals."


  • Revenue: $2,500;
  • Installs: ~250;
  • Registrations: ~100;
  • FTDs: 12;
  • ROI: >100% (ROI calculator).
"Sweden was a revelation for me. I had worked with many Tier 1 countries, but never with this GEO. Sweden seemed expensive and challenging to me, but in reality, it turned out to be different."
"I only ran campaigns on Android in Sweden. I tested six creatives, but eliminated half of them after testing. We are still running campaigns in this GEO because the cost per install is still quite low, sometimes dropping below $5."
"Creatives featuring the Wheel of Fortune, scratch cards, and slots performed well - there's no need to search for anything new, just test what appeals to people during the campaign."
"I earned around $18,000 in total, with an average ROI of about 100%. My cases are an example of not listening when people say, 'Working during New Year's is pointless, you'll end up losing money.' During this period, the auction is less competitive, and traffic can be acquired at a very low cost."


It is always worth testing different theories and hunches, even if they seem crazy and everyone advises against them. "Should you drive traffic during holidays or not?" - definitely yes!