Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

New gambling offer with an 80.6% ROI. Hurry up and deposit

Before the beta launch of Pepper.Partners, we were already familiar with the 🏆Golden Cup offer from the corresponding advertiser. The product had impressive conversion rates long before our affiliate program came into existence, and it continues to hold one of the top positions in our rankings!

Right after the new year, we received information that the advertiser launched a new casino called "Million," incorporating the best features of the previous one and becoming the sole provider of access to licensed Novomatic games! This was truly enticing, and we eagerly awaited the results of their internal testing with FB+pre-landers....

📈 Just the day before yesterday, we learned the results:

🎯 Targeting:

  • Ukraine
  • Men aged 23-55
  • Autoplacements
  • Android 8+


The guys tested both static and video creatives, but my favorite universal approach 'Gambling Creative by Standards' showed the best performance, which you can read about in our blog! In this case, the creative elements used were:

  • Slots on a mobile phone
  • Girl's emotion
  • Stunning bonus of 200FS + 150% on FD
  • And, of course, the Ukrainian language (which is also present in the casino itself)

👌In general, everything according to the canons! Revealing the top-performing creative in terms of conversion rate

🔥And the most exciting part, the numbers:

Inst2Reg: 1.5k
Reg2Dep: 1.4k4
EPC: $1
Average install price: $0.55
Payout for FD: $22
ROI: 80.6%

🔥 Guys, this offer is hot! The conversion rate is incredible, and the database is wide open! Currently, Million is only available through Pepper.Partners! Don't hesitate, be among the first to cash in! ➡️ To join the offer, register on the website or contact @peppersupport anytime, day or night - we're available 24/7! Oh, and by the way, free pre-landers based on naming are also available.