Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: 168,000 rubles of profit in 2 weeks. Pouring white goods on FB.

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Well, as they say, spring has arrived, paving the way for spring! And also paving the way for the white and seasonal offer - Fruit Mini Trees for 168 rubles. Plant enthusiasts are already fully engaged in seedlings. It's the perfect time to seize the opportunity. That's why we present to you the coolest case of pouring on the white offer with FB, with a profit of 180K. And all this in just two weeks! Let's see what we did and what we achieved.

Summary of the case:

Offer: Fruit Mini Trees for 168 rubles
Pouring period: 01.03.2021 - 15.03.2021
Spent: 157,287 rubles
Earned: 325,808 rubles
Profit: 168,521 rubles
Approval rate: 33.74%
ROI: 107%
Traffic source: Facebook
GEO: Russia, Kazakhstan
Target audience: Men and Women

Offer and traffic source:

Fruit Mini Trees for 168 rubles is a white offer, so FB easily passed the creatives. The links were cloaked, just in case. If you take the landers from support and host them on your own domain, we don't think there will be any problems with pouring.


We used different approaches, but specifically these images didn't perform very well.
The best-performing assets were videos, specifically these 2 options: Video 1 Video 2

Campaign Settings

Here everything is kept simple. The initial setup and launch are done on autoplay placement, targeting the age group of 45+. For the RU GEO, we exclude regions with low conversion rates - the Republics of the Caucasus, Altai, Tuva, and Buryatia. Also, Moscow and St. Petersburg are included as target regions.
After analyzing the campaigns after the ramp-up, we noticed that the cheapest traffic on both GEOs comes from the Audience Network.


Men and Women Ages 45-64 FB feed, Audience Network, Instagram feed

Landing Pages:

Surprisingly, this pre-lander with the wheel performed the best on the RU GEO: For KZ, a direct landing page was used:


The average cost per lead was around $1.5. We spent approximately 157,287 rubles. Earned: 325,808 rubles. In hold: 20,400 rubles. ROI: 107% Approval rate: ~34% The average payout per conversion was 740 rubles.


Fruit Mini Trees for 168 rubles is an excellent offer for spring. While others will be growing fruits with it, you will be growing profits!