Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

CASE: Pouring from FB target to Gua Sha Mask ($8217)

Instagram Facebook Product marketing

Offer and GEO Selection

Good day, everyone! At the end of January, a new offer appeared on Leadrock - Gua Sha Mask in the GEO Poland. More precisely, the offer was not entirely new - it was essentially Green Stick Mask with a repositioning. While the original was positioned as a remedy for acne and blackheads for a young audience, in this case, the advertiser decided to expand the target audience and present the product as a rejuvenating mask. It was an interesting idea, I thought, as women over 40 are unlikely to be familiar with the teenage stick for acne and may have never seen it before they can use it.

Campaign Setup and Launch

The technical part was standard: Facebook accounts with a limit of 50/250$, Aezakmi anti-detection, VPN, Imklo cloaking, statistics and comment cleaning with Fbtool, and initially using Tinkoff Business for payments, later switching to Capitalist. Facebook profiles were created right before running the ads, without any prior warming-up.

The target audience was women aged 40 and above in Poland, targeting people living there, with automatic placements. The initial budget ranged from $50 to $70 per day, gradually increased to $150 on the successful accounts.

The promotional stock from the offer: I started testing by using a creative from last year's case on rejuvenation. I didn't make any edits, just used it as it was. The ad shows a woman applying a certain stick to her face, which is different from the product on the landing page, but the overall concept is similar. The main message is "Incredible! She is 57 years old."

The lead cost at the start was $6-7, and I was pleased with the approval rate of around 65%. However, as I actively scaled with budgets and accounts, the lead cost quickly increased. Therefore, I decided to keep two accounts with a $250 limit and a budget of $90-100. In this configuration, the offer ran for about two weeks, and then the creative started to decline in performance - the lead cost and CPM increased, while the CTR decreased.


And then I remembered the initial positioning of the offer as a mask for blackheads. I found a bunch of YouTube videos featuring tests of this mask by various beauty bloggers. I selected a couple of them and created new creatives using the same approach, pretending to be 49 years old.

This helped refresh the campaign, and a small volume is currently being poured with an average lead cost of $9.
If we compare the initial creative with the generic stick and the new one with the demonstration of the actual product being sold on the landing page, there wasn't a significant difference in performance. The old creative delivered similar results at the start until it faded out. This suggests that users are hooked by the "wow" effect, and the means by which it was achieved may not be as crucial.

Here is the final statistics from the Pay Per Lead (PL) campaign:


I have been running campaigns for the Gua Sha Mask - PL offer from February 2022 until the present. I earned $8,217 with a profit of $3,900.

Thank you all for your attention!

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