Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case Study - ToVarKa: 110% ROI from Free Joints in the CIS! Net Profit of 140k

myTarget Product marketing
SS offers are not the only ones! While the international market is great, the CIS region also provides substantial profit.

Today we want to share with you a hot case study on cashout from MyTarget for the Artroset offer - a free joint and ligament supplement. We'll show you how it happened. And remember, at the end, there's a powerful bonus waiting for you from the AFFSTAR team.

Key Highlights of the Case Study

Offer:Artroset - Free Joint and Ligament Supplement

  • Campaign Period: 01.01.2021 - 15.02.2021 Spent: 127,270 rubles Earned: 267,264
  • Profit: 139,994 rubles
  • Approval Rate: 38.27%
  • ROI: 110%
  • Source: MyTarget
  • Geo: Russia
  • Target Audience: Men and Women

We immediately present the creatives that were used. Next, we will discuss them in more detail.
Creative: Square Banner
Creative: Rectangle Banner
Creative: Video 1
Creative: Video 2
Creative: Video 3

Now let's start from the beginning and look at our cashout on Artroset over almost 2 months. To be honest, we quickly put together creatives for this offer. For static banners, we used materials from the promo: [link]. For videos, we researched spy services, created a task list, and handed it over to our designer. You could see the results above.

As you may have noticed, we run the offer on MyTarget for Russia and CIS countries, and for the international market, we use Facebook. Therefore, this case study focuses on MyTarget as the traffic source.

It's no secret that after the New Year, it became more challenging to run campaigns on MyTarget: the rates increased, and there are often disruptions due to constant updates. Additionally, the conversion rate has slightly decreased. While with certain offers like potency and weight loss, you can target broader audience segments to lower the click price, it's more challenging with joint-related products.

Yes, it's a plus that we can target both men and women, but it's difficult to run broad campaigns. The conversion rate remains low, even when setting the age range from 55 to 75. Therefore, we exclusively run this offer with context targeting and user ID segments in Odnoklassniki and VKontakte, which we scraped.
Below is an example of setting up an advertising campaign for joint-related products:
On Targeting:

Men and women, ages 45-75; Since we are targeting specific segments, we expanded the age range; This time we targeted cities that have shown the best conversion rates based on our statistics; We also adjusted the ad scheduling to align with peak conversion and ROI hours; The campaign strategy remained the same, with creatives shown at the beginning.

On Creatives:

We used both multi-format and video formats, but ultimately, the video format performed the best (with a significantly higher CTR). We also noticed some peculiar changes: video campaigns were running at a lower bid compared to multi-format, whereas it used to be the opposite.

On Landing Pages:

We split-tested several landing pages and always directed traffic to the most successful ones. The best performers were landing pages from reputable news sources (Meduza, RIA Novosti "Health") and those featuring well-known personalities (a doctor and a journalist). You can find the links below: [link to landing page]


Statistics from the ad campaign:

Conclusions and Statistics:

Conclusions and Statistics:

  • Average lead cost: RUB 150-250
  • Total spend: ~RUB 127,000
  • Total earnings: RUB 267,000
  • On hold: RUB 38,500
  • ROI: 110%
  • During the specified period, 715 leads were generated, out of which 46 were deemed invalid.
  • Approval rate from valid leads: 38.27%
  • Approval rate from all leads, including invalid ones: 35.8%
  • Average conversion rate: 1,044 rubles.

This case demonstrates the effectiveness of testing and optimization, especially when scaling the successful strategies.

As usual, this case is not about instant success but about scaling a proven strategy that yields results.

Source link: AFFSTAR