Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: White Offer Drain in MyTarget

myTarget Product marketing Nutra
Today, let's talk about the offer - Royal Hybrid Roses for 168 rubles.

Royal Hybrid Roses for 168 rubles Drain period:
December 14th - December 20th Spent:
35,090 rubles Earned:
55,321 rubles Profit:
20,231 rubles Approval rate:
40% ROI:
54.29% Traffic source:
MyTarget GEO:

Recently, we published a case with a 46% approval rate on the free potential. Today, we have another viable offer - Royal Hybrid Roses. As usual, a juicy bonus awaits you at the end of the article, so don't miss it!

We chose MyTarget as the traffic source and initially tried Facebook. However, FB didn't perform well. We wasted 3-4 days, the leads were not cheap, and the quality of the traffic was mediocre.

We switched to MyTarget because we were able to get inexpensive leads there, ranging from 150 to 230 rubles, while the payout for the offer is 850 rubles, making it less hassle.

We used the following pre-lander: [link to the pre-lander].

Initially, we targeted both men and women on a broad scale. We used creatives with the theme of a gift for loved ones, but this approach didn't work exceptionally well.
Apparently, there was a significant male audience.

We reconfigured the targeting to focus only on women, aged 50-74. We primarily used CPC (video and carousel) as the bidding model, as MyTarget started providing less traffic with CPM.

The approval rate immediately increased, and the cost per lead even became cheaper.
Based on our observations, we can say that the best conversion rates are during the morning hours, from 6 AM to 12 PM - 2 PM. After that, there is usually a drop, and we would resume advertising in the evening from 7 PM to 11 PM.

Examples of creatives we used

Square format

Rectangle format

Video blog:

  1. Link to video 1
  2. Link to video 2

MyTarget doesn't allow the landing page with a pensioner, so we had to do some cloaking. We used the Keitaro tracker for this purpose, added a white page that appeared as a regular landing page or a course about roses, and redirected the traffic from moderators and users.


The offer is performing well. So far, we have spent around 35,000 rubles and earned 54,000 rubles. The cost per lead ranges from 140 to 180 rubles on average. The offer is relatively whitehat and suitable for a large audience. It can be promoted on various traffic sources such as Google, Yandex, MyTarget, and Facebook.

Drain period: Mid-December (one week of promotion), total earnings of 55,321 rubles, and a spending of 35,000 rubles. 242 raw leads, excluding junk leads. Cost per lead: around 140-145 rubles.

Throughout the campaign, our managers and technical team have been consistently available. During the promotion of this case, we performed local landing page loading in Keitaro and set up a postback, as well as configured the direct transfer of leads via API to the CRM platform.