Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Reducing CPA in advertising for a furniture hypermarket website by 16%.

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Modern users are increasingly opting for online shopping. According to Data Insight, last year the share of online sales increased: it accounted for 12% of total retail and 26% of the non-food market.
In order to attract new visitors to the "Stolplit" furniture hypermarket website and motivate them to take targeted actions, the i-Media agency has launched promotion through VK Advertising.
  • 16% CPA
  • CPC reduced by 4 times

Campaign goals

The key objective of the test campaign was to maximize the number of targeted actions, specifically adding products to the cart, at a cost not exceeding 1000 rubles.


The team launched a test campaign in October with event optimization on the website. It ran for a week. Machine learning-based algorithms autonomously displayed ads to the most relevant audience, which was more likely to visit the brand's page and add products to the cart.
The campaign focused on special conditions for purchasing kitchen furniture, which were valid for a month. The use of universal ad formats helped expedite the creative process: the system automatically generated various advertising variations tailored to available platforms and placements. The ads were targeted towards men and women aged 25 to 55 residing in Moscow and the surrounding region.
In addition to broad targeting, the team also set up keyword targeting for phrases such as "buy furniture," "furniture catalog," and others.
Throughout the promotion, budget optimization was always employed at the campaign level using a minimum cost strategy to maximize the number of targeted actions while limiting their cost.


  • 16% decrease in CPA (Cost Per Action)
  • 4-fold reduction in CPC (Cost Per Click)
After the campaign concluded, the agency team evaluated the final metrics. The cost per targeted action was 16% lower than planned, and the cost per click decreased fourfold compared to other platforms.
Denis Skvortsov, Internet marketer at "Stolplit" company:
"We have already tested the capabilities of VK Advertising for promoting the STOLPLIT application and were satisfied with the results. However, the website is an important sales channel for us, so we were among the first to test website advertising. I would like to highlight the ease of setting up event optimization and the support for JS tracking."