Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

40% approval for Agrotens biofertilizer! Net profit - 168,000 rubles.

myTarget Product marketing
Hello everyone! Today on the air, we have a new, spring-themed, and highly relevant case about upselling with MyTarget for the Agrotens offer - biofertilizer at 168 rubles. This offer has at least two significant advantages.

Firstly, there are several options for targeting the audience. Secondly, the cottage season is starting.

And all the gardening enthusiasts are busy with preparations. For those who live in their own houses, this is an eternal topic. Do you remember the traditional bonus at the end of the article?

Here's a summary of the case from our team:

Offer: Agrotens - biofertilizer at 168 rubles Upselling period: February 10, 2021 - March 12, 2021 Spent: 212,058 rubles Earned: 380,016 rubles Profit: 167,958 rubles Approval rate: 40.55% ROI: 79.2% Source: MyTarget GEO: Russia Target: Men and Women

Agrotens is our new offer, initially tested by our in-house media buying department. We chose MyTarget as the source because, in our view, it has the most suitable audience. Let's see what we did and what we achieved.

Let's start with the creatives.

Square creative:
Video 1 Video 2

The creatives are standard, nothing special here. You can create similar ones and run them without any issues. The key is to highlight the main advantages and possibilities that this product offers.

For videos, naturally, the CTR is better. We always allocate more traffic to them than to static creatives.

Campaign Setup

The campaign setup was standard, initially targeting a broad audience, but we didn't stop there. We'll provide more details about it shortly.
Targeting cities and regions, as we call it, "top by income and population." Age range is from 44 to 75. Our main audience includes both men and women.

Now let's talk about how we can target such an audience besides running broad campaigns.

Contextual targeting is an excellent tool for offers that require targeting a specific audience.

We usually use the Wordstat service to gather semantic data.
Install the Wordstat Assistant extension and let's get started. However, for MyTarget, you don't need to gather extensive semantic data. It's not like contextual targeting on Yandex or Google.

Moreover, within MyTarget itself, when creating a list and adding phrases, the keyword generator will assist you in selecting them.
You will achieve a good reach and engage a hot audience.
You will achieve a good coverage and engage a hot audience.
An example of reach in our segment, just 21 words.

We gather groups from Odnoklassniki (a social networking site popular in Russia).

We use the Targethunter tool to collect groups and users interested in our offer.
We choose either communities or individual users, depending on our goal.
We insert our keywords and start the search.
We gather groups, filter them based on our criteria, keep only the relevant ones, and create lists in MyTarget while creating a segment.

This service provides plenty of manuals, including videos and instructions. In just an hour, you can start parsing groups and users.

We collect user lists from the desired groups.

Using the same source, we parse groups based on users.
The entire chain looks something like this:
We load user data into MT, and we can also create lookalike audiences based on them.

Here are a few examples of our user segments in MT:

Regarding landing pages,

Currently, the approach with Meduza (a news outlet) works well, with a pre-landing page that essentially includes a form. To find out the specific landing page we use in our affiliate network, you can reach out to the AFFSTAR managers, and they will suggest the best combination for this offer.


We utilize Keitaro and its filters, which is more than sufficient.
This is how our cloaking setup looks like for this offer.

Regarding the results...
The average lead cost for us ranges from 130 to 170 rubles. The rate depends on how we target - broad, contextual, or segmented based on groups and users.

Spent: 212,058 rubles Earned: 167,958 rubles In hold: 19,200 rubles ROI: 79.2%

During the specified period, we generated 1,377 leads, out of which 134 were filtered as low-quality. The approval rate from valid leads is 40.55%. The approval rate, including low-quality leads, is 36.6%. The average rate per lead is 754 rubles.


Agrotens, priced at 168 rubles, is an excellent offer for spring. There are various options to target the audience. There are many creative and landing page variations with engaging stories. While others will be growing vegetables with it, you will be growing profits!