Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: 102,400 in profits against prostatitis

myTarget Nutra
Before the offer appears in the affiliate network, we test combinations and analyze the results, based on which the case is written. Therefore, our internal media buying started working with the new offer in advance - on May 20th.

So, what do we need to know about Uroflex? It is a remedy for prostatitis that shares related themes with potency offers. This means that those who have already worked with such offers will find it easy to switch to Uroflex.

The targeting and audience remain the same. But there are a few things to consider!

Prostatitis is a medical issue, whereas potency issues are not always medical. While the former arises with age, the latter may be relevant to younger users as well. This means that for the considered offer, the creatives and age targeting will still differ.


For obvious reasons, in the creatives we use, we emphasize more medical formulations that include the diagnosis and associated symptoms:
Currently, we are only running multi-format creatives, and we haven't had a chance to properly upload videos yet.

It's logical that the website itself also had a medical theme:

Setting up an advertising campaign in Iskander

As mentioned before, the setup is very similar to what is suitable for potency improvement offers. However, there are some differences. So, let's take a close look!


For the desired landing pages, please contact our AFFSTAR agents. They will guide you and provide the best landing page combinations for this offer, as well as answer any questions you may have.

Stats from PPC (Pay-Per-Click):

The expenditure amounted to 197,395 rubles. We earned 299,795 rubles with a hold of 29,000, resulting in an ROI of 51.88%. During the specified period, we generated 1,067 leads, out of which 87 were trash leads. Leads cost us an average of 150 to 200 rubles. Approval rate from valid leads is 32.14%. Approval rate from all leads, including trash, is 29.52%. The average payout per lead was 952 rubles.

We have been running the campaign for a little over a week, and the results are good. We have already been able to optimize by age, and once we gather more statistics, we can start targeting specific cities and regions. However, it's still too early to focus on that.

A small piece of advice! To increase your profit, enable the "news showcase" toggle when creating a traffic flow. This will help monetize the bounce traffic.


The conclusion here is quite simple! When working with a particular offer, always pay attention to related themes. Previous experience will significantly speed up the preparation of creatives and targeting. However, it's important not to hastily assume that "similar product, same setup" will always work because you need to consider the specific characteristics of the chosen offer and the pain points of the target audience. Even a slight difference in needs and specific problems can influence various settings.

Let's not hesitate to delve into the topic and understand the issues at hand! Spending a little time on research will save a lot of money on campaigns. Good luck to everyone!