Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Profit of $18,000 on vision in Romania with Facebook + grace period of $4,900.

Nutra Facebook
Hello everyone, this is Pro Aff, the author of the Affiliate Marketing blog. Today, I will tell you in detail about my summer case, where I managed to earn $18,000 in just a month, capturing a grace period of almost $5,000. So, let's begin
I had worked with this offer multiple times by that point. It had always shown its effectiveness; I just needed to find the right approach. This time, I decided to actively test Romania, which had always been known for its high approval rates on Nutra.


I used Ukrainian pharmacies along with Ukrainian auto-registrars. Up to 10 accounts were attached to one pharmacy. After reaching a certain spend on the accounts, the limit would increase from $50 to $250, and later to unlimited.


I used a standard transit page where a doctor provides detailed information about alternative methods of vision treatment, emphasizing that modern medications will only worsen the patient's condition. The transit page was completely redesigned to resemble a well-known Romanian ophthalmologist, Monica Pop


I did not use a teaser approach in this case. The traffic was directed to 'white' creatives, which only featured photos of the ophthalmologist. This allowed the accounts to spend significantly more. The text was focused on convincing users of the authenticity of the interview with the renowned ophthalmologist. Special emphasis was placed on alternative methods of vision treatment.


In this advertising campaign, I used the following targeting parameters:
GEO — Romania.
Gender — M/F.

Age — 30+.
Bidding strategy — automatic bidding.

Budget — $50-500.

draining process

The launch of advertising campaigns was done manually, without using auto-filling. The majority of the auto-generated accounts were banned shortly after reaching a spend of $300 due to policy violations. However, one account performed exceptionally well and immediately started generating inexpensive leads while sustaining high spend. Essentially, the entire drain was carried out through this one account. Initially, its limit was $50, but later it became unlimited.
At first, I was acquiring cheap leads with a budget of $50, but later I increased it to $500 while letting the campaign run on automatic bidding. Over time, the cost of leads noticeably increased. After reaching a total spend of $7,000 on the account, Meta* attempted to charge a bill of $900, but there were insufficient funds on the card (the Brocards account was not topped up in time), resulting in a grace period that lasted until $4,900. For almost two weeks, the account was generating 'free' leads every day.
Later on, the affiliate program (PP) prohibited the use of Monica Pop as the main character for promoting this offer. What to do in such situations, I have detailed in my blog.


The screenshot from the advertising account of Meta*:

Detailed statistics

Spending — $12,296.15.
Impression frequency — 1.9.

Impressions — 1,662,460.

Leads — 1122.

Average CPA — $10.96.

The screenshot from the tracker:

Detailed statistics

Clicks — 12,606.
Leads — 1386.

Conversion Rate — 1.10%.

Revenue — $25,480. A
pproval Rate — 52%.

Profit — $14,943.

Cost Per Acquisition — $7.6.

«Return on Investment — 141%.


The final profit turned out to be quite good, especially considering the fact that the pouring was partially done in a passive mode. This case vividly demonstrates how Meta (Facebook Ads)* can be unpredictable as a traffic source, 'giving' perks like grace periods.
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Wishing everyone good luck and big profits!