Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: Powerful profit with MyTarget: 67,504 rubles!

Nutra myTarget
Today we will review another case, but let's admit it, we'll do it a little unconventionally: this time, no creatives or landing pages! We won't reveal the combination right now.

A brief summary of the case from our team:

Offer: Erzgamma Star - 168 rubles. Campaign period: 06.05.2021 - ongoing. Spent: 221,636 rubles. Earned: 289,140 rubles. Profit: 67,504 rubles. Approval rate: 23.25%. ROI: 30.46%. Traffic source: MyTarget. GEO: Russia M/F.

You all know about offers like various amulets. For wealth, for luck, for health, for anything you want! Yes, the demand for various talismans and magical attributes is always high.

We decided to deviate a little from the cliché concept of "Amulet for..." and focused not on what the talisman brings, but on how it looks and the hidden meanings it holds. That's why we chose the Erzgamma Star. This offer is special for several reasons.

Handmade. That says it all. Multifaceted. Universal. Suitable for representatives of different cultures.

The Erzgamma Star has its own history and is present in the symbolism of many religions, where it serves as both a lucky charm and a symbol of spirituality. Each culture has its own interpretation of its shape. The star is sure to generate interest among a wide audience.

We've explained the choice of the offer, now it's time to move on to the actual setup.
Campaign setup in Iskander:

  1. Create a new campaign in Iskander.
  2. Select the campaign objective based on your goals, such as conversions, traffic, or engagement.
  3. Define the campaign budget and duration.
  4. Choose the target audience based on their demographics, interests, and

We targeted a broad audience, both men and women, aged 35 to 70, with no specific interests, across the entire Russian Federation except for Crimea. Additionally, we added a segment to exclude repeat impressions, as it is not possible to specify this in the settings when running on CPM.

Regarding landing pages:

As mentioned before, we won't place them here. For any additional information, please reach out to our managers.

PP Stats:

The total spend was 221,636 rubles. We earned 289,140 rubles, with a hold of 45,900 rubles. ROI = 30.46%. During the specified period, we generated 1,654 leads, out of which 123 were considered trash leads. The average cost per lead ranged from 100 to 160 rubles. The approval rate from valid leads is 23.25%. The approval rate from all leads, including trash, is 21.52%. The average payout per lead was 812 rubles.

All these numbers are without optimization. This means that only the statistics have been collected, and further optimization of the campaign will be conducted based on age, gender, time, and other factors.

Consequently, we will further decrease the cost per lead and increase conversion rate. Once again, if you want to achieve similar results, contact our managers. They will provide you with landing pages and creatives that you can use to replicate the case.


One should not rush to conclude that if an offer belongs to such common topics as amulets, it won't find its buyers. It is always necessary to try new products within established categories, and identify their advantages that can be effectively marketed. We are always ready to provide guidance and assistance in finding unique offers. And let's not forget about optimization! Any metrics can be improved.