Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: $626 spent per week on Indian TikTok (Josh).

Nutra TikTok
  • Traffic: Social Bar from
  • Offer: Adsterra CPA Network
  • Campaign period: 03.03.21 - 10.03.21
  • GEO: IN (India)
  • Spent: $415.20
  • Revenue: $1041.43
  • Profit: $626.23
  • ROI: 150.8% (ROI calculator)

Choice of GEO and traffic source

Hello everyone! Today I will show you how to adapt to trends and keep up with them. The topic of the day is another TikTok sensation that is allowed in India - Josh.
Let's begin! Choosing an offer. The application was launched last year, but it has already gained popularity among users as they eagerly download it. Let's try to get the most out of it.

Information about the offer:

  • Conversion type: CPI
  • Vertical: Utility
  • Device format: Mobile
  • OS type: Android
There should be no bot traffic
The payout for each install is $0.13.
Screenshot of the final landing page


So, as it is already known, there is a lot of cheap and low-quality traffic in India that we will have to work with
Following the classic scheme, I first contacted the manager and inquired about my future competitors on this offer, and asked about the recommended bid for running traffic.
After conducting test campaigns, it was decided to run traffic with a payout of $0.002 per click.


Let's move on to creating creatives. The Social Bar format involves meticulous work with creatives, testing them, and so on. It's time-consuming, but it pays off fully once you finish working with the campaign.
It so happens that Indians are crazy about creatives featuring girls and calls to find their love, and so on. Based on my experience, I can say that such creatives work excellently and grab users' attention. I explained this in more detail in one of my previous cases, so you can take a look if you're interested in this topic.
So, here I want to show you my examples of creatives that you can make yourself:
As you may have noticed, I use a lot of carousel ads. Yes, that's true, but if the advertiser allows the use of carousel ads, you should take advantage of it. With such banners, you will have a high CTR, and they will bring you good earnings.
Use phrases with a call to open a dialogue, chat, etc. It works very well in India.
I wanted to mention separately that Adsterra has added new templates for creating creatives, so now you can make messages from messengers, etc. It looks very good.


Stage 1 (Disabling non-converting creatives).
When working with Social Bar, I advise you to create and upload as many creatives as possible. During the testing phase, you can filter out the most suitable ones to avoid unnecessary work later on. Then, in the main campaign, gradually disable creatives with low CTR. I recommend changing creatives if you see that they are underperforming.
Stage 2 (Creating blacklists)
A very important aspect when working with traffic in India. There are a lot of bots that need to be eliminated during the testing phase. I advise you to spend more time on blacklists because no one will pay for bots, and you will simply end up in a loss. Don't be lazy.
Summary of settings: Targeting on Android (version 5.0 and higher); traffic - mainstream + adult; mobile devices; English and Hindi languages; removed all iOS browsers
Screenshot of the final settings.
Screenshot from Adsterra.
A total of $415.2 was spent on Adsterra across all days
Screenshot from the affiliate network:
Total received: $1041.43.
Profit: $1041.43 - $415.20 = $626.23.

ROI: 150.8%. (ROI calculator)


As you can see, the proposed Social Bar format is performing excellently. We achieve a great CTR, a high number of conversions, and outstanding results, which translate into profits.
Be attentive, work with the campaign, work on creatives, closely monitor the statistics, and success awaits you.
I recommend you to try searching for similar offers and test this format with them yourself.