Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: 5500+ FD in two months on the Parimatch offer.

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Introducing Traffic Squad – one of the largest companies in the iGaming niche, boasting a team of over 100 specialists. We are trusted by the industry's major players. We are constantly growing, listening to the feedback of our team and advertisers, and evolving along with the market.
Today, we would like to share a successful case from a top buyer within one of our sub-teams.
  • GEO: Bangladesh
  • PP/Offers: Parimatch Affiliates
  • Campaign duration: August - September 2022
  • Platform/Traffic Source: Facebook and mobile apps
  • Number of deposits: 5558
  • ROI: 125%

What about the offer?

We promoted the Parimatch offer. In this case, the description "offer from PM" is sufficient, but let's add a few more details.
PM Affiliates is one of the top direct advertisers in the gambling, betting, and eSports niche. Not long ago, the affiliate program relaunched in the Bangladesh GEO, and we immediately tested it since we already had a positive experience with this region.
By the way, PM has launched a promotion specifically for this region (offering a trip to Bangkok for the AWE Asia conference).

Choice of GEO: Why Bangladesh specifically?

We chose this GEO because, unlike popular and expensive GEOs where hundreds of products with high competition exist, the cheap GEOs of Asia create interest. In these regions, there is a large population and much fewer offerings in online gambling.
In addition, there are currently issues with European payment processors in popular Tier-1/2 GEOs, which are absent in Tier-3 GEOs.

Creatives: What worked for Traffic Squad?

We, along with our team, tested various combinations and concluded that slots combined with emotions work best for engaging players. Bangladeshis have proven to be highly enthusiastic about gambling, and this approach resonates with them much better than the popular and universally loved "easy money" creative in Tier-3 GEOs.
By the way, creative approaches that have been extensively used in Tier-1/2 GEOs can still perform well in Tier-3. Don't discard old approaches right away; try to revive them for new GEOs and see how they work.

Launch and Tips

We are launching through Facebook and our mobile apps.
By the way, regarding the mobile apps.
We recently started developing our own mobile apps because, as practice has shown, if you want to do it well, do it yourself, or you can rent them from us =)
Using our own mobile apps allows us to test different designs, technical solutions, and respond promptly if something goes wrong.
We have a great offer for new clients - the installation cost is only $0.05 for the first two weeks. For renting our mobile app, please contact us on Telegram
Since we have extensively tested various approaches on our own traffic, we can confidently say that our mobile apps are thriving. They have a long lifespan, sometimes lasting for months, but on average, around two weeks.

Now let's talk about the funnel

We recommend paying special attention to the funnel.
The mobile app, creative, and landing page ideally should have a consistent design. The more similar these elements are, the higher your conversion rate will be. This may seem obvious at times, but most buyers overlook it and use completely different apps or creatives.
As an example, the unifying elements could be the Egyptian style and Anubis.


Mobile app

And here are the statistics for the campaign performance:


Well, our ROI for this GEO is 125%.
Nice or not so great?
Yes, this is a very high ROI for campaigns specifically targeting Bangladesh. It's important to understand that achieving such ROI at these volumes is not easy. Behind these ROIs and volumes, there is significant work on creatives and landing pages. Of course, scaling comes with its challenges and potential losses.
But I want to emphasize: don't be afraid to test. To achieve good profits, you need to invest in thorough testing and analysis.

Take advice from our team.

1.Continuously test.
It is through testing that we discover such profitable GEOs. This case is an example that achieving top results is possible not only in Tier-1 and Tier-2 GEOs.
On Tier-3 GEOs, the ROI may not be as familiar or high, but with larger volumes, it is still possible to achieve good ROI
2.Pay attention to creatives!
The truth is, such cases won't happen if you simply copy and tweak creatives. It's essential to analyze players' interests (you can reach out to advertisers, as they usually have this information), generate your own creatives, continuously test, and work on the quality of your creatives
3.Carefully choose the offer.
And of course, in every successful arbitrage combination, there is an advertiser.
Choose the offer wisely, specifically by analyzing the trustworthiness of the affiliate network and brand, checking the conversion rate (CR) and the availability of local solutions in the product, and inquiring about product retention. Don't forget about your relationship with the affiliate manager. Having a good rapport with the AM means you'll be among the first to learn about new GEOs and receive personalized advice.