Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: $433,000 profit!! We ran a 2-week CBD campaign on Facebook.

Nutra Facebook CBD
Today, there is a trend of CBD offers in the USA and Europe. It's not just limited to the CPA marketing market but is observed on a global scale as well. Europeans are very receptive to such a product. CBD offers have a clear target audience. The approaches are similar to many offers in the CIS region and familiar if you have worked with this type of product.

So, we present our exclusive case of running a CBD offer in Canada - CBD Gummies (CA) - a natural pain reliever.

Key Highlights of the Case:

Offer: CBD Gummies Campaign Period: 13/02/2021 - 28/02/2021 Expenditure: 417,224 rubles Revenue: 851,137 rubles Profit: 433,913 rubles Conversion Rate (CR): 3.07% Return on Investment (ROI): 104% Source: Facebook Geo: Canada Language: French


We used teaser banner ads: attention-grabbing images in the background, trigger text, and sometimes featuring people (though more often without people).
At the time of writing the case, we were using the approach of going to the Shopify Blog website, finding relevant whitepapers, and using them as creatives for our offer. We directed Facebook traffic to these whitepapers.

On our website, we always have the following elements:

  1. Contact Data Collection Form
  2. Privacy Policy
  3. Cookie Policy

Fun Page

The Fun Page is created in a way that is relevant to the website. From the form submissions, we do the following:

  • Create an avatar and cover photo.
  • Add a button.
  • Create posts (somebody else handles autoposting).
  • Include a link to the website in the description.
  • Provide a link to the same Privacy Policy as on the website.
We work with KIWI (Katearo). For Facebook campaigns, we usually use the following methods:

  1. Local white/black (local website targeting)
  2. JS base64 + constructor (Webflow, but we are transitioning away from it as it performs worse now than before)
  3. DzhaClo - their basic setup.


We work with rentals/farming/autorun accounts. We primarily use autorun accounts with subsequent transportation to rentals/farming. At the time of this campaign, neither rentals nor farming accounts were warmed up.

Our workflow was as follows:

  1. Log into the account and let it rest for about 10-14 hours.
  2. Access the ads account.
  3. Create/accept Fun Page and start the campaign.

The average spend for such a launch was $70-$90 per account.

Gender: Approximately 70% female, 30% male (women performed better for us). Age: 40-65+. Placement: Mobile News Feed on Facebook. Attribution Window: 1 day after click. Budget: $70-$120. Campaign Structure: 1-1-1 (1 campaign - 1 ad set - 1 ad).


We followed a simple approach: opened a spy, selected a couple of pre-landers, simultaneously drove traffic to both pre-landers, and then analyzed which one performed better. We kept the best-performing variant and ran the campaign with it.


Spent: 417,224 rubles. Earned: 851,137 rubles. Profit: 433,913 rubles. ROI: 104%

This was the most profitable pre-lander. We didn't hesitate and decided to scale it up. The conversion rate held steady at 3%.

If you're still skeptical about CBD offers, you're missing out. We hope that our case was able to dispel your fears. In general, if you're looking for something new and profitable, definitely consider CBD offers. We also advise you to act quickly to replicate our case and grab your share of the profit! SS offers can and should be promoted!

There is no approval process or trash here. Instead, there is a fixed payout for a specific action, making it easier to forecast ROI. The test campaign for the Keto Body Trim offer confirms this.