Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Weight loss on India, creatives, way of pouring.

Weight loss products Teaser Nutra
We've decided to share our case study and would appreciate your feedback. We'll strive to post interesting content more frequently.
We have been pouring and continue to pour with different rates due to various PP (pay-per) in our work. Therefore, it varies from $2.20 to $2.50.
Trash accounts for about 10-13% of the total.
We manage to generate leads at around $0.5, but sometimes there are downturns and leads end up costing $1.4. The pre-landers are created in-house, and we search for them in spy services. We also use a variety of pre-landers in rotation without landing pages. Naturally, we create our own creatives, and there are a lot of them. We create new and similar creatives for each pharmacy offer, and they perform well. About 70% of the creatives for this offer are static.
When a large number of policies start to get rejected or accounts get banned, we test new approaches in creatives. Typically, out of 5-10 approaches, 1-3 perform well and don't trigger significant bans. In some cases, we use creatives without text on the actual image, but we actively write persuasive text in the ad and headline.


Sorry, but we won't be able to show the pre-landers.
The pouring method is simply straightforward. We use our manual pharmacies and personal profiles. We create unique fingerprints (FP) and give them a day to settle after binding the card. We work with the accounts extensively, unban them, and use them for other purposes, and so on. The spending varies, with some accounts exceeding $3000 and others less than $200. Sometimes we warm up the accounts by pouring on more legitimate verticals with a ROI of minus 0-10%, and then we pour our own advertising. The total spending on these offers exceeds $100,000. We use a payment method from a European bank. If you have any questions, you can ask them in our chat @thecreativee.