Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: How to earn 30% more with ProPush tag

Push traffic Sweepstakes
Many arbitrageurs want to earn more from their traffic but don't know how to do it. Increasing your profits is actually easier than it seems, thanks to additional monetization methods like's Smart Tag.

What is Smart Tag?

The Smart Tag integrates with the main landing page as an additional window for push subscriptions. This tag helps increase the number of push subscribers, which means additional monetization of users who have subscribed to push notifications.

One of the obvious advantages of push subscriptions is that the push notification window does not affect the conversion flow. Whether or not an additional audience subscribes, users will still stay on the main offer page.

Now let's see how the Smart Tag works in practice, using a case study from one of our partners. The results were quite interesting. Let's take a look at how the arbitrageur managed to earn 30% more than usual using's Smart Tag.

Key details of the case:

Our partner is a media buying company whose goal is to generate leads through the single opt-in (SOI) model. Let's consider the offer description:

Offer: Sweepstake Gift Card Vertical: Sweepstakes Flow type: SOI Payment model (from ProPush's side): RevShare (CPM)

The Smart Tag was installed on a pre-lander with a questionnaire.
In the top left corner, you can see a pop-up window. This is the display of the Smart Tag. Some users agree to receive push notifications, which helps increase profits.

It's worth noting that sweepstakes offers do not require complex settings. The tag should be added to the code of your page along with the Sw.js file. This file is necessary to deliver and display push notifications. Place it in the root directory of your landing page, here:
As we have already discussed, the Smart Tag does not redirect the audience away from the offer site. Users are not distracted by new tabs and remain on the landing page.

Regarding TrafficBack, our partner decided not to use it as it did not fit their funnel. However, it is important not to overlook this tool because TrafficBack can be your second chance to monetize ALL your traffic if the primary monetization method doesn't work. After the user is shown the subscription request, regardless of their choice, they will be redirected to a relevant offer.

Each webmaster can configure the triggering of this feature under specific conditions: if the user subscribes (clicks "allow"), if the page visitor is already subscribed, and so on.

Payouts are done through RevShare (CPM). Compared to CPS (one-time payment for each subscribed user), RevShare ensures gradual and long-term income.

Let's continue analyzing our case.

More about the traffic

Now, let's take a look at the traffic that our partner used for the Sweepstake offer with PropellerAds:

Period: 05/11/2021 – 05/12/2021 Format: Popunder GEOs: Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Ecuador, Mexico Platforms: Android - 54%, Windows - 21%, MacOS - 9% Budget: $700-$2000 per day

The chosen format for the offer was Popunder, which implies a large number of leads and aligns well with our partner's business model.

Let's refer to the statistics. In the personal PropellerAds account, you can track the traffic and expenses by GEO.
Here you can already see the additional revenue by GEO from the ProPush Tag for the same time period:
The average income from the Smart Tag ranges from $300 to $500 per day. This additional profit sometimes allowed covering up to 50% of the traffic cost.

Of course, the conversion rate (CR) will depend on the type of traffic, its source, and GEO. However, you can increase conversion by testing which GEO generates a higher number of impressions.

Let's take a look at the daily statistics in PropellerAds:
Below is the statistics that clearly show the conversion rate:

What does the statistics say?

Let's move on to the most interesting part - the numbers. Together, let's analyze the statistics and see how effective the Smart Tag is.

Total traffic volume for the selected GEOs: 65,814,640 impressions.

Our partner conducted initial tests with the Smart Tag on limited volumes, so only a portion of the traffic from PropellerAds went to the pre-lander with the tag.

Traffic costs from PropellerAds: $37,210.

Profit from ProPush Smart Tag: $11,114.

The result is excellent. The profit from ProPush compensates for 30% of the traffic costs.

In conclusion

Looking at this specific case, we can see that the Smart Tag from works. It truly helps increase profits significantly without additional efforts.

What is the secret of its success? The key is that this monetization method is suitable for almost any offer, especially with sweepstakes offers. The pop-up window does not interfere with the interaction with the offer and does not disrupt the flow.

There are two options available for the payment model:

  1. CPS (Cost Per Subscription) - suitable for those who want quick results. CPS should be considered if the subscription cost is high.
  2. Revshare (Revenue Share) - a long-term payment model throughout the subscription period. This model ensures that subscribers continue to generate revenue for a long time. Additionally, recurring subscriptions are also paid.

Revshare is designed for stable and long-term income, although it requires some waiting time to start earning significant money. This is the model chosen by our partner.

Another bonus from ProPush is adaptive rates. What does that mean? If your traffic is of high quality, ProPush may offer you an individual plan (for example, increase your CPS rate).

We truly hope that some things have become much clearer. The Propush team remains in touch and is ready to answer your questions at any time. Join our Telegram chat, communicate, and share experiences within the community.