Traffic arbitrage cases
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Traffic arbitrage cases

Case: Credits: 387,120 ₽ on advertising credit offers on TikTok.

TikTok Credits
Today, more than 1 billion people are using the social network TikTok. They entertain themselves, relax, get inspired, and search for something new. Arbitrage specialists are no exception, as TikTok has become a new source of traffic for them, allowing them to significantly increase their profit. This material is dedicated to the case of the webmaster Unicom24, who managed to earn 387,120 rubles by promoting credits through TikTok. So, what are the specific features of TikTok?

How large is the TikTok audience?

TikTok representatives claim that the app has been downloaded over 1.5 billion times, making TikTok rightfully one of the most popular applications of the past decade. One of the reasons for its popularity is that TikTok focuses on sharing short videos, which are increasingly preferred by the audience.

According to TikTok, in 2020, Russians were watching over 16 billion video clips on a monthly basis. Last summer, the size of the Russian audience approached the 40 million mark.
The diagrams above show that the majority of users prefer to consume content rather than create their own. Interestingly, nearly 6 out of 10 users sometimes accessed the app but didn't take any action. It's also worth noting that 41% of users have uploaded reaction videos, which are video responses to other creators.

In Russia, TikTok is not only popular among Generation Z: according to OutDigital, over half of TikTok users are already 18 years old or older. And one in five users is above the age of 25. All of this indicates that the TikTok audience is financially capable, making it a suitable platform for advertising products and services. And, of course, promoting financial offers.

How to engage in TikTok promotion?

Given that Russian users access the app frequently (up to seven times a day) but for short periods (spending around forty minutes in the app within a day), TikTok video ads should be short enough to capture their attention.

Webmasters can employ the following TikTok promotion techniques:

  1. Promote their own blog by getting videos into trending sections, ensuring maximum exposure for new posts.
  2. Purchase advertising with links that direct users to the desired web resources, such as an offer or a storefront.
  3. Collaborate with popular influencers for advertising partnerships.
  4. Organize challenges and contests.

It's important to note that TikTok utilizes artificial intelligence technologies to analyze the interests and preferences of the audience based on likes, comments, reposts, and video content that users view. When a new account is created, the videos published on it are recommended to a wide audience. This means even new accounts can quickly gain popularity.
Here's how, according to research conducted by Nielsen, users behave when consuming new content on TikTok:

  • 52% of surveyed adult users learn about new products from TikTok ads.
  • 61% of surveyed adult users perceive a difference between TikTok ads and ads on other platforms.
  • 88% of surveyed adult users access TikTok in search of new content.

Promoting financial offers on TikTok is possible since the TikTok audience is fairly receptive to promotional content due to its native presentation. Advertisements for offers should appear organic. Instead of brand-led videos, it's better to opt for reviews from influencers. This is what the webmaster at Юником24 did, by collaborating with several bloggers and launching profitable advertising campaigns.

Case Study: Step 1. Selecting Offers

The webmaster who shared their case study focuses on financial offers. They chose the microloan vertical to work with on TikTok. This vertical is more suitable for young TikTok followers who, due to their limited work experience and short credit history, are less likely to be approved for other types of loans.

Microloans have the advantage of a shorter application review time, which means the webmaster doesn't have to wait long for the client to receive the money and for the advertiser to provide the partner network with compensation (which, in turn, credits the webmaster's account balance).

To optimize their campaigns, the webmaster directs traffic not to a specific microloan but to a storefront. By presenting multiple offers to users and allowing them to submit multiple applications, the chances of approval are increased for users, while the webmaster has a higher likelihood of earning compensation from the partner network. Storefronts can be created using various solutions, including the storefront builder provided by Юником24.

Here are the principles the webmaster follows when creating storefronts for TikTok campaigns:

  1. Allow users to select their city on the storefront to view offers specific to their region. In the Юником24 storefront builder, the geolocation is automatically determined based on the user's IP address.
  2. Use short domains and avoid direct links to the affiliate program. This helps build trust with the audience. The Юником24 storefront can be hosted on the default domain or on another domain that the webmaster can park through their personal account.
3 . It is better to add Yandex.Metrica or Google Analytics scripts to the storefront to track user behavior. Based on the tracking results, decisions can be made to replace certain offers on the storefront with ones that convert better.
4 . By adding pop-up scripts and subscription options for push notifications on the storefront, traffic can be monetized when the storefront reminds users of its presence after a certain period of time.
5 . The highest conversion rates are achieved on storefronts that feature a photo of the influencer and their name, for example, "Online Loans to Your Card - Recommended by [influencer's name]" (of course, it is important to obtain prior consent from the influencer). Personal recommendations work best, and branding the storefront to match the TikTok visual style and the influencer's style creates a seamless transition.

The webmaster did not allow us to showcase their storefronts, but we attempted to create a storefront based on their recommendations using the UniCom24 storefront builder. Here's what we came up with:

Case: Step 2. Influencer Selection

Top TikTok influencers were out of the webmaster's budget, so they decided to focus on micro-influencers who have a smaller audience but high engagement. Here's how they selected the influencers:

Based on the number of followers: If the follower count is too high, integration with the influencer will be expensive, and the audience may be less loyal. Therefore, the webmaster chose influencers with an audience ranging from thirty to one hundred thousand followers. Based on account activity: Some influencers may have a large number of followers, but they don't actively engage with their content. On the other hand, there are influencers with fewer followers, but they receive daily likes, comments, and will likely see and engage with the promotional content. Based on account theme: While finance-related offers can be promoted through various accounts, it's best to choose influencers who post content about purchases and shopping. The optimal time for promotional campaigns is just before major sales events like Black Friday, New Year, Valentine's Day, International Women's Day, or Men's Day.

The webmaster recommends selecting around thirty to forty influencers through specialized marketplaces. It's beneficial to have influencers with diverse audiences, allowing for tailored content targeting specific audience segments.

Additionally, it's possible to negotiate partnerships with two or three representatives from the same TikTok house, which not only provides a discount for bulk placements but also reaches the entire TikTok house audience. However, this option is suitable for higher budgets.

Case: Step 3. Negotiations

The negotiations with the bloggers took some time. In the end, out of the several dozen bloggers selected by the webmaster, only twelve agreed to collaborate. Difficulties arose where the webmaster least expected them. Some bloggers didn't respond at all, some doubted that they would actually receive payment for integration and refused to cooperate. Some demanded excessive compensation, while others adamantly refused to advertise loans.

However, even the negotiations that didn't succeed taught the blogger something. Here's the communication scheme they developed:

  1. Greeting: Addressing the bloggers respectfully.
  2. Anchor: The blogger should be interested in something to read the message to the end. One can positively evaluate a specific publication by the blogger to show that they are being approached individually rather than through mass mailing.
  3. Request to exchange contacts for further dialogue and discussion of collaboration details.
  4. Product presentation: It should be comprehensive and concise. The webmaster should be prepared to address objections.
  5. Discussing prospects: Demonstrating readiness for long-term collaboration and continuous advertising investment.

Next came the creation and placement of content. Since TikTok bloggers are often creative, many of them developed the concept of promotional videos based on current trends and audience preferences. In some cases, the webmaster made adjustments, but overall, according to their words, all bloggers successfully completed their tasks.

Case: Step 4. Results

After the videos were posted, the blogger analyzed the conversion rates in each account. They varied depending on how relevant the offer was to the audience of a particular blogger. For preliminary audience analysis, the webmaster requested data from the account owners, but, as they noted, it didn't help much. As a result, the ads were placed almost randomly, and the results were evaluated based on actual performance. Nevertheless, the webmaster was satisfied with the outcome: they earned 387,120 rubles, with an ROI of 47%, and nearly 7% of conversions were made on credit card offers.

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